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HITZone T-Shirt - Large

HITZone T-Shirt - Large

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HITZone t-shirt in black with green and white logo
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HITZone T-Shirt - Medium

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HITZone t-shirt in black with green and white logo
HITZone t-shirt in black with green and white logo
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HITZone T-Shirt - Small

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HITZone t-shirt in black with green and white logo
HITZone t-shirt in black with green and white logo
Pledge: C$35.00
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Campaign Description

We are not a regular gym! We are a small inclusive boutique studio that is dedicated to supporting our members in archiving their optimal health and fitness. HITZone is a breakthrough approach to health and wellness. Our small group, 25-minute, coach-led sessions are for everyone no matter your age, size or fitness level. Our patented HIIT machines ensure you get a full-body workout burning more calories in less time compared to all other types of exercise. Hitzone is fun, motivating, inclusive and welcoming. Our goal is to revive our business after being forced to close our doors for 6 months due to Covid-19 restrictions so that we can continue to support our members in being the very best versions of themselves. We are committed to making a difference and believe people are better equipped to succeed in life if they have access to increased aliveness, vitality and wellbeing.

The HITZone Difference!

I brought HITZone over from England after becoming a member and experiencing the huge difference it made to my health, wellness, energy, vitality and confidence!

It's very hard to find the time and motivation to regularly go to a gym. Often people are not successful in achieving their fitness goals and give up. We started HITZone because we believe in the difference it makes for people.

At HITZone we actually guarantee results. No matter what age you are, how fit you are or what size you are, HITZone is session can be tailored for you.

Each coach-led session is only 25-minutes. This ensures you get the most out of every session. A full-body workout that allows you to burn more calories than any other form of exercise. Our unique, patented HIIT (high intensity inteval training) machines, reduce muscle soreness and increase oxygen consumption resulting in huge calorie burn that continues for 48 hours post-exercise. 

Our community is inclusive, supportive and fun. Our coaches are passionate about making a difference and providing you with all the support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. HITZone is all about sustaining a healthy lifestyle and there could not be a more important time to find a safe, friendly and fun community to take that journey with.  

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were forced to limit participation shortly after opening our doors in the summer of 2020. Then, that November we were forced to close our doors completely for 6 months, which was devastating. To make matters worse, new businesses do not qualify for most supports. 

Meet the Team

Trish  H

Trish H

HITZone Coach

Hailing from Waterford, Ireland, Trish moved to Canada in 2016 to pursue a more active lifestyle. Growing up, she worked on her family farm, her main forms of exercise had her out horse riding and herding sheep around the fields!
Upon landing in Canada she immersed herself headfirst into the world of group fitness at the soon-to-be-opened Cardio Kickboxing facility in Vancouver. As part of a small team, she trained for several months to prepare to lead large high-energy sessions.  This led Trish to see her passion for helping others facilitate great personal change through movement.
Trish is certified through the American Council on Exercise & also holds certifications in Mindfulness Coaching & Life Coaching. In 2019, she returned home for a year & ran her own fitness business. While here in CA, She has Managed & Coached at several well-known fitness franchises both in Vancouver & here in Edmonton.
I adore being in nature, so you’ll often find me with headphones on, running the trails, otherwise, I am biking or walking around our beautiful city. I enjoy heading to the gym to work out several times a week. During my downtime, I practise piano, make music or socialize with friends.
Coaching Style:
Encouraging & empathetic. My motto is, ‘’if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t come back.’’ I always bring positive energy to the room & am proud of every single member for turning up each time. Different people require different coaching styles. My approach is to let members know exactly what they are doing right & where necessary, share advice on the form to avoid any injuries & progress quicker. I love the variety of working with all sorts of different people. 

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David  Sherman

David Sherman


David has worked as an international professional consultant for over 30 years. His expertise, commitment to excellence and experience has had him work for a wide range of global clients, successfully addressing a vast range of business challenges, in many sectors from varied and diverse cultures.

"I've always been passionate about making a positive difference. This passion has been my guiding principle throughout my career."  

His work is recognized for

  • enabling people and organizations to take responsibility for aspects of behaviour and organizational culture that undermine performance
  • making available new and powerful openings for effective actions
  • supporting and training people to develop increased levels of personal and business integrity that leads to greater performance.
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Sam H

Sam H

HITZone Coach

I totally love what I do. Making a difference to people is my main purpose.

Corrective Exercise Specialist -NASM

NAIT-PFT Diploma 

Passionate Fitness Coach and outdoors enthusiast. 

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Oct 6, 2021

What our members say

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Oct 4, 2021

Why Hitzone?

There's never been a more important time to be healthy. Being active and participating in effective, regular exercise is a vital part of creating and sustaining a strong immune system. 

But research show people are time-poor, many do not like the gym or have not been able to produce the results that they want from going to a regular gym. They lack motivation. 

These days people feel intimidated and fearful of using a gym. HITZone has created an exercise approach that studies have shown to be the most effective exercise approach available today for the vast majority of people. 

In a 25-minute HITZone session you can achieve more than an hour in a gym. You will hurt less the next day and continue to burn calories for 48 hours. 

No Judgment. No egos. We are a community of like-minded people all committed to being our best.  

No matter if you are big or small, old or young, fit or not,  when you walk through our door you are one of us. 

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Oct 3, 2021
Project launched


Where are you located?

11622 149th Street, Edmonton

What times are you open?

We are open 6 days a week. We offer sessions in the mornings and late afternoon and evenings

How many people are in a session?

We have between 4 and 6 people per session.

What type of sessions do you offer?

We offer HITZone sessions and COREZone sessions both are 25 minutes.

What is the cost of membership?

We offer 3, 6 and 12-month memberships. Starting at $74.99 bi-weekly. All our memberships are unlimited use.

What is the role of a HITZone Coach?

Our coaches are there to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. They motivate and ensure you get the most out of every session. They conduct discovery sessions to get to know you and figure out with you the best path for success. The help and advice with healthy lifestyle challenges.
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