13 Year old with hopes of being the best landscaping wizzard there is



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Campaign Description

My name is Letrell and I am starting my own landscaping company. I am raising money to get brand new equipment so I can provide the best quality and efficiency to all my clients and future clients. I have hopes and dreams of being the best landscaping wizard out there! Thanks for viewing !

Behind The Landscaping Wizzard

Hello, Here is some info about Myself. My Name is Letrell and I am 13 years old and I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. Ever since the age of 5 I have always loved watching Landscaping shows on TV Which is where I got a lot of my inspiration in starting my very own Company. Some of my Favourite things to do are Explore the Outdoors, Collect Sports Cards, Play all different kinds of Sports and Landscaping.

I created this Campaign so I can raise money for Brand New landscaping equipment and tools which will go towards growing my Company and providing the best quality work possible to clients for many years to come.

Currently I am working Solo with help from my family here and there but as I grow and expand GreenWizzardLandscaping I am looking foward to having a team so we can provide high quality and efficent work.

If you would like to See Green Wizzard Landscaping Grow please consider Donating 

Any amount helps and will be going to a good cause 

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Green Wizzard Landscaping is Calgarian Based and focusses on Cutting & Shearing and Disappearing One yard at a time in the safest and most efficent way possible!


Meet the Team

Letrell Campbell

Letrell Campbell


Landscape & Sports Cards Enthusiast

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Jul 29, 2020
Project launched


What Made You Decide To Get Into Landscaping ?

I have had interest in Landscaping since I was young, I also Enjoy doing it and Seeing the transformations of peoples yards!

When was your company created ?

Green Wizzard Landscaping was Established in 2020

How much do you Charge ?

Pricing Depends on the size of your lot but can range from anywhere from $15-50
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