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Multi level business organization offering, horses back riding, fish sales, chicken sales, balloon rides, dogs sales, and land lease.


Master Business Plan


Cost to produce:

Price we set:

What you’re selling:

-          Balloon – Balloon tethered rides- $150 per person- Cost produce $6216 per month

-          Chickens- chicken eggs and chicken meat – eggs $0.16 an egg, chicken meat $8.50 Cost to produce $2350 per month

-          Dogs-  puppy’s - $1700 a pup- Cost to produce - $360 per month

-          Fish – Selling fish - $7 a fish- Cost to produce - $1694 per month

-          Horse- horseback riding – 25$ per person- Cost to produce - $1314 per month

-          Land- acres and Rv lots – Acres $600, Rv lots $450- Cost to produce - $132 per month

Marketing plan



-We will post sign advertisement around local areas, and will use the internet to advertise along with flyers to give out to people.



-          To get the word out about are chicken farm and what we are doing we will, invest into an advertising company called ‘inventure x’ which will cost $5000 but they will create a website portfolio based on our Chicken farm and what we have to offer. They will also put the word out to company people around by flyers and word of mouth. We personal will create a flyer for the specific chicken farm and we will hand them out to people door to door as well as go to shopping centre where permitted and advertise our chicken farm. 



- We will mostly set ads on kijiji to market this product and we will also make flyers for this special product.



-To market are product we will get the word out using the internet and we will invest in a marketing group called inventure x they will help us with crowd funding as well as getting the word out. We will also deliver filers through the local postal service




- would focus on education of horses; how to interact emotionally with the animal. Looking into government agencies that focus on life betterment for youth.



- The ad is at present drawing in people at the rate. I felt wad appropriate. The prices may slightly be altered to find the market “niche”.

Competitor Analysis



- We current don’t have a service of this sort in the area, and it will be more of a novelty. People in this market charge much more then we will, so we will charge less money to give rides to people.


- The egg produce currently are selling eggs to the main stores which sell their eggs for $ 3 and up for a dozen. The thing that will make us different from these egg sellers is that we will sell eggs cheaper to the public at $2 a dozen and 3.50 for 2 dozen as a promotion start for the month. There after the price for dozen will be $2 and the price for 2 dozen will be $4. We will also create a subscription delivery system to where they sign up and have eggs/chicken delivered on set days.


- What we will do to make our self-different from that of our competitors will be to have our puppies come with the first vaccination and other shots needed for a healthy puppy. Each puppy come with a collar and leash, along with a folder with all of your puppy’s files from when to get it next check to what check need to happen.  The quality of dog pups is that the animal will have been nurtured while growing. They will have their 1st shots and a follow up file on what has been done to date


- One thing that sands out for and is different from others is that we will be selling fresh fish non-frozen whether it is trout or salmon. Current competition prices are high were as we will sell our fish at a better rate. This should eliminate are competitors giving us the market to sell fish at a decent price. All organic.


- We would sell an opportunity to learn and ride horses, teaching leadership and awareness packages. Don’t know of many horses back riding company in this area.


- Competitor offer land sales where you purchase land but no one offers on-going maintenance or care; we will. Land leased at an appropriate rate.





- Maintain the balloon for safety reason; we will put up metal bar so people will have less chance of falling out. We will also tether the balloon to a wince to allow for easy control of the balloon so that is doesn’t drift off. We will hire a host to allow for proper measure are taken when using the balloon and taking care of the guests.



-          Eggs collection

-          Check the chicken for cleanliness and for the bird health

-          Follow feeding schedule

-          Clean junk such as feces 

-          Check egg quality   


-          Restock meat chickens

-          Check incubator

-          Check eggs for quality


Our daily task will be to first collect the eggs for the nest box, then to check the health of the birds and make sure all birds are present. The next step would be to look at the feeding schedule and to feed and change the bird’s water. The last daily task is to clean at junk and debris and thing such as feces. Our monthly tasks are to restock the birds that have been sold and to incubate more chicken population, to meet the demand that is present


- Dogs will be walked daily and allowed to interact with people and other pups. Their homes will be very clean. Good Quality food, clean water. Regular vet checks to ensure full health.


- Each stage of the operation will be monitor daily to make sure that the fish say healthy. We will need to have complete circulation provided by the filtrations system, the water level such as oxygen, nitrogen, and ammonia level will all be monitored daily using special meters for each condition. Feeding the fish will happen 5 times a day, the amount each time will be based on the amount of fish per tanks.

We will purchase about 300 eggs from our source and put them in a tank for 1 month called the eggs tanks , after each month the fish will be move into another tank until it reaches about 12 months; Adding new eggs (300) to the eggs tank every month. Therefore we will have fish ready each month after one year’s time. So 12 tank each in there for 1 month at a time. When transferring the fish the tank will be drained and cleaned, starting the process over again.


- To run and care for the horses health wellbeing. Daily rides tours and classes of horse physiology


- Land will be organised based on the best view and location for the rivers. Plus large lost, some trees and flora and fawna.


Capital Requirement:



- For this project the initial start-up capital requirement will be $14,300   


-The total cost to start up will be $18,873


- Basically, the cost is for all areas of health, and nutriment for social development. The homes and facilities are allowing for adequate space for several animals. Regular Vet checks as needed.



- The capital required for this business will be around $103,428 to get it up and running


- All areas will be included to run and operate the full facility and plan. $26,344



-$163,616 this will secure the land and locations and additional fees needed for start-up

Sep 14, 2019
Project launched


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