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Run wild with us in the Southern Rockies! Our event will help you get active and outside in Pincher Creek, Alberta.


With this BOOSTR campaign, you can sign up before Midnight TONIGHT for the Rough Runner. We are sold out of regular entries for our boostr campaign, but you can purchase the


Reward in order to sign up at the $85 price! After the campaign ends, registration will still be available through wildr.ca. Our goal is 127% BOOSTED by midnight, when the campaign ends, in honor of our race directors 27th Birthday (which is tomorrow!)

Thank you for your overwhelming support of this event, it is humbling, and has only increased our drive to create the best 3 part mountain running weekend that we can. 

Our Story

In the first year, the Rough Runner was one, 4km obstacle course race, cobbled together in a farmers field. In the past three years, it's attendance has grown by 50% each year, and each year we have built on the year before to create a better experience for runners.

That means more and better obstacles, and a location closer to the jaw-dropping Southern Rockies each year.

We have worked hard and paid close attention to what makes people come back each year. We want you not only to find something new about yourself through our event but also to learn something new about the land. The Southern Rockies are still a hidden gem, that we want to share with all Albertans.

This year, we have the opportunity to expand it into two days, at our new location at Castle Mountain Resort.

This year, the RR has three events, each meant to cater to a different style of mountain runner.

The Three Rough Runner Events:

Event 1:  Wild Vertical 100m   //June 1st, 8:01pm//

Vertical 100m Sprint.  A run not for the faint of heart. 8:01 pm the women lead the way with the mass start. after the women finish the men follow suit. This event will be amazing for spectators, as hundreds of men and women sprint up a steep hill in a wild showcase of power. 100m Vertical will be covered, in less than 400m of distance.Our fastest runners will finish in less than 2 minutes.

Event 2: Rough Run //June 2nd, 7:30 am//

Trail Run. The route will cover roughly 9km of trails. Snow, mud, and bears may be encountered along the way. The course will reward runners with stunning views.  All runners must run with bear spray and a rain jacket.

Event 3: Rough Runner Obstacle Course Race //June 2nd, 1pm-3pm start heats//

Approx. 5km and 16-20 obstacles await you on this obstacle course race that combines heavy lifting, hill sprinting, rope climbs and more.  Heats of 6-12 will leave at 6-minute intervals from the starting pen. It won’t just be the obstacles leaving you breathless, as Alberta inspires and ignites you.


Why go to all the trouble?

There are other obstacle course races, other trail runs out there.

Well, in short, the mission at WILDR is not to 'be hardcore' or 'kill you.'

We believe in fitness events as a way to celebrate what your body can do, and to explore the world around you.

We will continue to focus on the details of our race that celebrate the place it is in. Your finish medal will be branded by a smoking hot iron, and the courses will be designed so that just as you are out of breath and wanting to quit, you are rewarded by a stunning view. Our obstacles incorporate our rough rural surroundings - you'll be invited to hoist a hay bale with a pitchfork, and farmers carry feed- in addition to other types of climbing, carrying, and crawling.

Why Crowdfunding?

Our event is in its fourth year, and we have gotten the opportunity to host the event at Castle Mountain Resort, a beautiful mountain location in the west castle valley. We need to invest in upgrading our obstacles and purchasing timing devices to make the rough runner a must-do-event.  

How You Can Help

• Support WILDR and get rewarded: Choose a reward for yourself a friend, or family member.

• Spread the Word about WILDR >  Tag, and comment on our campaign and video. Share our BOOSTR post or ask us a question!

• Connect with us- Give us a call, visit us on our social platforms: Facebook: Instagram: @wildrfit. We want other WILDR folks to jump on board and create a race that is truly Southern Alberta, through and through.

All About WILDR

We created WILDR to help people get active and outside. Our company operates out of a converted barn loft, where we plan fitness events, host camps, and provide fitness training for clients in person.

WILDR is South Western Alberta's Home for Fitness Events, Camps and Training.

We are so excited to take it to the next level, but we need your help!

Mar 6, 2018
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