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We are a pair of "plushies" that have a unique ability to send virtual hugs over wifi giving users a sense of presence & comfort.


Who is Sensibear?

The main goal of any entrepreneur is to find a solution to a problem. One of my duties as a single parent is to provide presence & comfort for my child by any means necessary under any circumstance. 

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to being separated from your child for a long period of time; being in a long distance relationship with someone you love; better yet military parents who have no choice?

The sense of presence and the sense of comfort only human touch can provide. 


What is my solution? 

Sensibear. A pair of "plushies" that have a unique ability to communicate & interact with each other across the globe to give users a sense of presence & comfort. Our goal is to provide alternative comfort to our friends who are separated over a long period of time; in long distance relationships; suffer from separation anxiety; or simply want to send each other virtual hugs. 

In simple terms...when you hug your Sensibear, your child or significant other will feel your presence when holding their Sensibear. Using soothing LED lights and haptic vibrations that interact with different sensors, we aim to provide a unique experience for long distance interaction.


Where did the idea come from? 

Sometimes ideas can come up when least expected.

While cruising with my daughter Aazlynn one day, I asked her "Hey Lynnies, wouldn't it be cool if we both had teddy bears that we can both feel when we hug it while you are at your momma's house?" She replied "That would be so cool dad, they can vibrate like iphones and have lights in their tummies like a night light. It would make it feel like you're giving me hugs!" I replied "That's an awesome idea!" without hesitation she promptly replied "Dad, I bet lots of kids would love this and I could tell all my friends about it! Let's make them!"

After that magical moment between the both of us I knew I had to make this dream of ours come true no matter what it takes!

The same evening that our idea was conceived I immediately researched till my brain started to ache and eyes started to water. I spent every night, every hour, every minute of my spare time to bring forth a fully functioning prototype. With absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, I stayed up teaching myself basic coding/engineering combined with hours upon hours of trial & error while working within a very frugal budget. I finally had a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) I could use to prove to our early adopters that the idea works and can be done.


Why Crowdfunding? 

As you may or may not know, building a product like this from the ground up takes a whole lot of sweat, tears, time, reading, researching, collaborating, building, destroying, refining, etc and not to mention a whole lot of money.

We chose to launch our flagship Sensibear product via crowdfunding as an exciting way to raise starting capital and build awareness for the idea and the product itself. What's even more exciting is the platform we chose. ATBboostr is an Alberta based crowd funding platform brought forth by ATB Financial to help Alberta based entrepreneurs/companies build and evolve. We believe in supporting our community which is why we aim to keep everything as local as we possibly can throughout our journey. 

Crowdfunding also gives us a chance to learn about what our early adopters/funders want/need in such a unique product as ours while rewarding them for their generousity with carefully curated gifts that relate to our vision. With a little help from a whole lot of you, together we can change the way we interact with each other over distances. 

Here’s a rundown of how every single penny of your generous boosts will be put to work:

  - Production ready Prototype

         - Hardware / Software / Server / PCB Design&Testing&Debug

  - Testing / Refining / Certification 

  - Marketing / Branding / Packaging / Design

As you can see, it takes a small army with a bit of cash to build a safe and reliable product. Sadly our $10k goal is only enough to cover the above. So our first run of Sensibears will come shortly after as we grind away and hopefully we can reach beyond our $8k Goal with your help!


Referral rewards: 

For each person you refer to our campaign who succesfully boost us we want to reward you! You will be rewarded with $1 in your pockets per succesfull referral at the end of our campaign run in which you could choose to either keep for yourselves or put it into a charity pool which will go towards a charity which will be chosen by us at the end of the campaign. 

So what does that mean? 

If you refer 100 people to us who succesfully make a transaction to our campaign, you can walk away with $100 cash at the end or simply put it towards our charity pool. 

Super simple, yet super cool! 

For us to properly keep track of this you must tell each person you refer to put "referred by: your@email.com" in the "Comments" section when making a payment. Once the campaign is over our team will go over our boostrs and personally contact you. 


Milestone rewards:


Our main goal is to raise $8k to help get things rolling. However, if we go over that $8k then we offer something called Milestone Rewards. 


Here's how it works:


If we raise $15k+ we will have enough to manufacture our first run of Sensibears and in turn will start offering pairs of sensibears to be purchased at a great price as well as a special VIP offer for all of our past boostrs!

We will continue to add more amazing milestone rewards and all it takes is a little help from you all to reach them!


As our campaign days go by we will surely be adding surprises from our friends here and there to keep the momentum going!

All it takes is a simple share!

Thank you,


May 25, 2017
Project launched


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