Vertical Farm in a Cargo Container

Calgary, Canada
Douglas Stewart


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Marketing of our first hydroponic vertical farm producing thousands of pounds per year of nutrient-rich, pesticide free, herbicide free, non-GMO, fresh and local herbs, leafy greens, and fruit for all Alberta communities.


Technology has advanced to a point where it is now economic to grow extremely nutritious vegetables and fruit in our own neighbourhoods and communities. This is evident with many 'urban community gardens' and 'U-pick' farms.  While these are terrific initiatives, the gardens are seasonal.

Eden sees an opportunity to expand  production of many vegetables to a full year. This is done by enclosing a garden within a retrofitted cargo storage container, applying vertical farming systems and technologies, monitoring and managing the environment within the container via desktop and smartphones, harvesting the vegetables, and then seeding the next crop.  The growth cycle for each crop is 14 - 30 days.

This system monitors 16 variables in the containers 24/7 via smartphone and webcam.  It requires 90% less water and substantially less electricity than conventional greenhouses. Just some of the benefits include reduced shipping costs, reduced fuel consumption, and the elimination of costs resulting from international currency exchange rates. Our produce is harvested and delivered the same day ensuring consumers are getting the most nutrients out of each product.

This is one of our key competitive advantages in the marketplace. For each day that produce is transported or stored improperly it looses nutrient and energy value. Our goal is to see multiple hydroponic cargo container vertical farms across Alberta, in small and large communities.

Nov 5, 2015
Project launched


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