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Ethical, Sustainable, Organic


A Social Enterprise Geared Towards Sustainability, and Better, Fairer Work Environments for Marginalized Women


My name is Dorje, founder of the Vajra Collective. This campaign is the next step in our
journey towards bringing more ethical products to the global marketplace, and providing
fairer wages, better working environments, and sustainable employment for
marginalized women around the world.

For over sixteen years, I’ve been involved in fair trade and women’s development
programs, and have done extensive work with organizations such as the Single
Mothers’ Co-operative from El-Salvador and Women’s Skill Development Organization
in Nepal. I’ve watched the sustainability movement spread to where consumers can
now make informed choices using their purchasing power to encourage sustainable
lifestyles and a healthier environment for everyone to share. Our products don’t just look
good, they feel good too.

Always looking to do more, I wanted to play a bigger role in bringing sustainable, high
quality clothing to the masses. We want customers to be able to follow the complete
supply & production chain for every item we carry. We want customers to know how their clothes are made.

With the Vajra Collective, I aim to do all this, and more.


We are a worker’s owned collective. We have responsibility both to their social welfare
and the environment. We want to cultivate a culture of respect and trust, both as a
partner and a Fair Trade-certified brand.

With the $10,000 raised from this campaign, we’ll be looking to tackle several aspects of
our operation, beginning, most importantly, with an application to become a Certified
Fairtrade Licensee under Fairtrade Canada & Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) certified. This will allow us to carry the Fairtrade & Organic certified mark on all of our products after a thorough assessment, demonstrating that we adhere to rigorous standards and policies, and are making a positive difference in the lives of the workers in the developing world.

Through our program, we will also be offering:

1. Training, sustainable employment, and fair wages for marginalized women

2. Good working conditions

3. Employment benefits, including healthcare, maternity leave, scholarships, etc.

4. Credit & Savings programs


We choose our partners very carefully. We have cultivated relationships with suppliers
that share these values. We have partnered with the “Women’s Skills Development
Organization” in Nepal, a center that trains and employs disabled(blind) women, widows
and victims of domestic violence.

We are also collaborating with the “Chetna Project”, a farmer’ collective that involves 35,000 marginal farmers in India that grows organic cotton.

We have also collaborated with “Once Upon A Doug”, a social enterprise aimed at giving women from the cotton farming villages of India a reliable, secondary source of income in addition to the farming and small scale business income they get. Doug is a fashion accessory in the shape of a cloud. But really, he’s much, much more than that. He is a symbol of their struggles & their strengths; of their hopes & freedom. Hand-made by the women cotton farmers in India from recycled fabrics in their spare time, Doug is their silver lining!


When you buy one of our products, it sparks a chain reaction of positivity. Your
purchase provides much-needed income for marginalized people, but we at Vajra
Collective have committed to donating a percentage of the proceeds from each sale to
vulnerable communities.

If you have any questions or want to do more, feel free to send us a message.


Even if you cannot support us monetarily, please take the time to share our campaign in
your Facebook groups, other social media and blogs, and with your friends and family.
The wider we spread the message, the better our chances of closing out this campaign
as a success, and ensuring better standards of living for marginal workers.
We look forward to your support on this journey.



Nov 17, 2017
Project launched


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