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Help emerging artists by buying and selling art on a blockchain art marketplace that supports artists so they can spend more time creating!


What is UppstArt? 
Imagine a marketplace where you can easily discover and buy original art you love directly from independent artists without having to go to a gallery.  Where the confusing and often intimidating art world is a thing of the past.  Where prices are understandable and transparent and where art is authentic and original.  A marketplace where you can trade in your artwork whenever you want for something new, and where artists pay low commissions and receive resale commissions so that they can spend more time in the studio doing what they love.   
At UppstArt, we are building a revolutionary new type of online marketplace for original artwork.  We are bringing transparency and trust to a market that has historically been plagued by confusing prices, fakes, frauds and forgeries.  We are the new upstarts of the art world who will make art more approachable, understandable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or tastes.  Be an "UppstArt" and join us in our mission to transform the art world!
What have we done and where are we going?
UppstArt is in the prototype/validation stage of development.  Since launching our prototype website in April for validation and testing, we have recruited 20+ independent artists to the platform, uploaded over 100 original works of art and made hundreds of dollars in sales for our artists.  Our minimum viable product (MVP) platform is currently under development and is expected to launch in July.  The MVP will have blockchain smart contract functionality so that our users can trade original artwork with eachother peer-to-peer and artists can receive resale commissions every time their work is re-sold on our platform. 
Why are we launching this campaign?
We are launching this campaign to give you the opportunity to support the development and launch of an important social platform that will make buying original artwork more accessible and understandable and which will provide independent artists with the ability to sell their artwork and earn a living wage so that they can spend more time creating.
UppstArt pays 4% of its resale commission on secondary art sales to the original artist as a resale commission in recognition of the fact that 93 countries in the world have artists' resale rights, but Canada and the US have yet to adopt this important legislative protection for artists.  This provides artists in Canada and the US with the option to participate in the success of their artwork on the secondary market, which is largely driven by their own artistic efforts and the advancement of their careers. 

Artists’ Resale Rights were first enacted in France in 1920 in response to the sale of Jean-Francoise Millet’s painting “The Angelus”, which resulted in huge profits for the collector while Millet’s impoverished widow and children received nothing.  This prompted the enactment of legislation to require auctionhouses and dealers to pay a resale royalty to the original artist when their work sells on the secondary market.  To learn more about resale rights see our blog article at: https://uppstart.ca/2018/04/28/why-artists-resale-rights-matter/. 

We strive for a future where becoming an artist is a not only a viable career path, but one which is held in the highest esteem by all and recognized for its critical importance to society.  We stongly beleive that the union of art and technology can help make this future a reality. 
What are our target funding goals and use of funds?
  • $5,000:  Will allow us to finalize development of our minimum viable product (MVP) platform with smart contract blockchain functionality
  • $10,000:  Will allow us to finish building our MVP and continue improving upon user experience and functionality based on feedback from users
  • $20,000:  Will allow us to develop the full platform with commercially scalable functionality
  • $30k+:  Will allow us to develop the platform and help fund our go-to-market strategy and artist recruitment campaign


Visit us at www.uppstart.io

Jun 14, 2018
Project launched


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