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Fellow martial artists, I created the Unity Wooden Dummy for YOU! It adjusts to any person 3-7 ft tall and is the only dummy you`ll need.


Dear Fellow Martial Artist, I Created the Unity Wooden Dummy for YOU!

After 12 years of practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu and speaking to many martial artists, I have discovered that students perform vastly better technique on a wooden dummy that is the correct size for them. A wooden dummy that is either too tall or too short for the practitioner is awkward to use. Since a wooden dummy is a large investment for any family or martial arts studio, many students are left out, including: men and women of varying heights, children, and students in wheelchairs.
To solve this, I developed the Unity Wooden Dummy. It is the first wooden dummy that can be adjusted to any height (3ft - 7ft) in seconds. This means that:
  • The Unity Wooden Dummy will feel like a custom-made dummy out of the box
  • Children can begin learning their technique & forms early and the dummy will grow with them
  • You can simulate practice against smaller or larger opponents
  • A single Unity Wooden Dummy can accommodate any student you have at your school including those using wheelchairs
  • Students will showcase better technique on gradings


Our Wooden Dummies

The Unity Wooden Dummy was engineered from the ground up to be both a beautiful display piece and a rugged piece of training equipment. I have used innovative design and selection of materials to ensure that you won’t have the frustrating experience of the body cracking, arm pins breaking, or the dummy leg breaking. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of build quality on each wooden dummy. To maintain this, they will be made locally in our shop in Calgary, AB, Canada.
The wooden dummy is an ingenious training tool that we all share. In designing the Unity Wooden Dummy, I did not want to redesign the wooden dummy or the way we use it - I only wanted to make it more accessible. Therefore we did not opt to add additional arms or recoil mechanisms - just the ability to adjust the height of both the body and the leg of the dummy.

Our Vision

The wooden dummy is a tool shared by many martial artists and is fantastic for helping practitioners learn important movements, angles of attack, and positioning. I believe that our product will help many Wing Chun practitioners enjoy and learn the martial art more effectively. I’d like to see the Unity Wooden Dummy adopted by schools around the world so that more children, men, and women alike can learn the martial arts.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

The product design is complete and we have access to most of the tools required to manufacture the Unity Wooden Dummy. To get started, we only need to construct a few custom tools to be able to manufacture the dummies effectively. Your support will go towards helping us meet our minimum order as well as build the custom tooling required. Thank you!
Mar 4, 2017
Project launched


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