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The "no pain no gain" mentality is generic, outdated and damaging to our bodies and overall health. UFiiT is an alternative to that.


What is UFiiT?

 UFiiT (Ultimate Fitness Interval and Intensity Training) is a  unique fitness format proven to transform mental and physical health and well-being. The method, developed by Adrianne Oyewole, a certified personal trainer, bodybuilding, and fitness professional with over 20 years of experience in the health & fitness industry. UFiiT offers a unique and non-generic way of transforming bodies, minds while educating people on the fact that we all have different body types, as we all have different backgrounds, needs, origins and motivations, strengths, challenges and goals. UFiiT exercises are fun, challenging and they deliver amazing results with a no monotony guarantee!

UFiiT also offers personalized fitness and nutrition plans to help people become better and healthier versions of themselves. Adrianne has a unique approach which his customers like and shows real, tangible results. Adrianne also has an E-book, a training facility in Calgary and offers an online Facebook training program for an international audience. 

Mission Statement 

“To be the no. 1 health, fitness, weight management and overall wellness go-to tool” 

Goals and Objectives 

Adrianne Oyewole is exceptionally ambitious and wants to offer his own brand of fitness programmes globally for a wider audience and strengthen his position as an online fitness trainer. The goal is to launch the online programme fully and support this with a full-service digital marketing campaign and customer service. 


As the health and fitness industry is a saturated and very competitive marketplace, and extremely reliant on the changing trends and lifestyles, he considers his biggest strength to offer a unique training method based on self-consciousness. Trainers from all around the world offer online training solutions, as there it offers a convenient, time efficient, less expensive method for training while getting personal support from a professional. "I believe my online program is competitive, but I need your support to improve my business, doing it by helping you to follow a new and healthier lifestyle and mindset."


UFiiT, the website has been rebuilt, and rebranded and a continuous online programme has been partially built which would allow customers to purchase a 3 month online fitness programme online at anytime from anywhere, meaning continuous revenue opportunity for UFiiT. At the moment sales are restricted to campaigns for a 10 week lean programme which was launched initially to gain some revenue before the full programme was built.


The goal is to launch the online programme fully and support this with a full service digital marketing campaign and customer service.

Apr 26, 2017
Project launched


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