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Welcome to Tropic Pops, Calgary’s first All Natural Ice Pop, offering a cool and healthy alternative to traditional freezer snacks. In order to continue building in our community and helping make healthy treats accessible to Calgarians on a constant basis, we need your help!


What are Tropic Pops and Tropic Pockets?


Tropic Pops are your healthy alternative to the overly sweetened, processed frozen goods currently inhabiting freezers around the country. Every Tropic Pop treat is cut, measured, frozen and packaged by hand, giving personal attention to absolutely every detail of your frozen treat. We have worked long and hard to create our own personal Tropic Pop flare, incorporating smells, textures and tastes that are both sweet and savoury and are completely unique to our brand.

Tropic Pockets are the same amazingly delicious treat packaged in convenient ziplock sleeves, Tropic Pockets are a great way to stay cool on a hot summers day, just take them out of the freezer, throw them in your cooler and bring that delicious Tropic Taste with you everywhere

 All of our Ice Treats are made with organic fruit and vegetables, as well as natural honey and purified water. 

Our Story

When co-founder Jordan Smuszko's 4 year old daughter had her little friends over on the hot summer months, being lactose intolerant, she was never able to share in the delicious bowls of ice cream that would be offered to all of the kids playing in the hot sun. Not wanting to feed his daughter popsicles full of artificial colour and sugar, Jordan blended and froze her favourite fruits into a (pink) berry popsicle.

Soon enough all of the kids were trading their ice cream cones for these healthy ice pops, but Jordan knew he had something special when all of the parents began asking him for the all natural treats to take home.

In the fast paced world we live in, healthy food choices have take a back seat to modern day conveniences. We believe Tropic Pops is a way to treat yourself in a cool way without sacrificing your health. We believe that consuming a variety of fruit and vegetables in a Tropic Pop or Tropic Pocket can provide you with your daily required nutrients in an refreshing and convenient manner!

Tropic Pops and the Community


From our fruit and veggie suppliers to our sales partners, Tropic Pops are constantly driven to support the community we are so proud to call our hometown. Since launching July 1st, in just two months, we have worked with the most supportive and the most sensational local small businesses and brands including YYC Cycle, The Livery Shop, Little Hippies Yoga, New Age Crystals, Meraki Supply Co, The Hungry Blondes, Yoga Passage, Beach Beauty Bar, Velvet Cinema, The Sweat Style, Studio Revolution and Downtown Calgary!


This is just the beginning, with exciting ventures with local businesses like Little Me Paper Co and BarkYYC (just to name a few) coming before the end of the year, health and community will continue to serve as the cornerstones of our small business.


Sep 24, 2015
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