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Ron Dickison


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Wingtastic wants to build the next versions of our product, to launch for the hardware industry.



Wingtastic is a product that allows you to loosen and tighten any wing nut without involving your fingers or using the strength of your arms. There are wing nuts on so many products it is crazy. Look at your BBQ, saws, wine making kits, drums and plenty of other mechanical items like a ball valve, most toilet lines have a shut off valve that Wingtastic fits on perfectly. This is a simple tool that does an amazing job of not using your hands to loosen and tighten those pesky wing nuts we all have dealt with. The US pending utility patent is for a universal wing nut tool.

This tool was invented by Rockin Ronnie a Calgary based drummer for 40 years on stage who in October 2017 got his thumb stuck between a wing nut and his drum rack as the rack holds mostly his cymbal stands which there are lots (check out missingoutband on FB to see the massive kit he plays). After a search for an alternative on Google that came up empty, the search through local hard ware stores found nothing, then finally big box hardware stores and still nothing out there to grab a wing nut and stop using your fingers/hands/arms.

The first version is 10” long and folds to make it easy to carry and store. It is compact enough to fit in your cymbal bag, stick bag, tool box, tool pouch or your pocket. The tool is made from a nylon injected plastic PA6. The reason for plastic is to not ruin the wing nut just grab it and loosen or tighten it. The plastic gives the Wingtastic tool a great deal of strength which means it will last you a long time, nylon is the plastic you see in your vehicle dashboards and other products that want durability. The Wingtastic grabs a hold of the wing nut no matter what size due to the 4 pin configuration, it surrounds the wing nut while since it is plastic will not ruin the wing nut it grabs or the anything around it due to that factor. It is available in 4 colors blue, pink, black and green. Please check out our website for more information, videos, instructions and most important testimonials on wingtastictool.com

The first version 10” foldable of Wingtastic was launched in the music industry in LA in January 2019 at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). This is the biggest music trade show in the world. We were there with 3 of the Wingtastic sales force and we saw over 3500 excited drummers, retailers who were blown away by the idea. The show was a great success and we are gaining momentum in the music industry. If you go to our site you will see we won an award from Music Inc magazine, one of the biggest publications in North America. The editors walk the whole floor of the NAMM show and see thousands of products and from that we won an editor’s choice award.

The next trade show we will launch at is in May of 2020 called the National Hardware trade show. We need funds to get to this trade show. We need funds to develop other versions, we have 3 in total so we would have 4 versions at the trade show to display including our first one we launched for the music industry at NAMM. Molds made of steel to make are expensive so the ones that we would do first are the ones that we believe would be the most wanted. The funds from this campaign will be used for production of the new molds. NAMM https://www.namm.org/ is a very large trade show (they boast 11 billion in sales from the trade show) and the hardware show https://www.nationalhardwareshow.com/Exhibitors/Interested-In-Exhibiting/ is bigger by a large number (National Hardware show boasts 343 billion in US alone for sale of DYI and hardware sales).

Wingtastic is a Calgary based company and will remain that way. As of right now you have Ron as the president and sales manager (with over 35 years sales, management experience), Brad as the VP (friend of Ron's and also a business owner for over 17 years), Stephanie, Yannick and Tony as sales. We have Steve on IT and Roberto is social media and as soon as we have a flow of sales we will have an office and Roberto will be manager. We are keeping this tool a completely North American based company to the full extent. The head office for the factory is in Texas and the actual factory making our tool is in Mexico.

With your support of buying a reward of our incredible tool we will be able to grow to the next level of getting to the hardware sales of Wingtastic. Please pass this around to everyone to make sure if you do not buy a tool other people will see what Wingtastic is all about.

Thank you and we look forward to what Wingtastic does for our Calgary economy by hiring people and building a solid worldwide connection from our wonderful city.

Ron Dickison


Apr 12, 2019
Project launched


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