The world's first baby outfit with a GENIUS invisible zipper

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Tiny Victory is a collection of beautiful but simple baby rompers and all-in-ones with a genius invisible zipper.


Tiny Victory is a collection of beautiful but simple baby rompers and all-in-ones with a genius invisible zipper. 


We have finished the designs for a brand new collection to bring you the best of Tiny Victory. But we need your help to fund our next production. 


Here’s how Tiny Victory came to be…


When I had my first son Charlie I was not prepared for how challenging it would be. No one can really prepare you. Charlie had acid reflux and the doctors recommended that he not wear anything with a waistband was out. This meant that most days it was a struggle for me to even get out of the house (let alone shower, or eat). Just leaving the house was a “tiny victory”. So when I did finally organize myself to leave the house I would put Charlie in his car seat in whatever he happened to be wearing at the time (which was usually zippered pyjamas) and head out.


So I set out on a search to find pajamas or rompers that looked like clothes. But the only ones I found were super cheesy and low quality, or higher end ones that had snaps on the bottom. Battling a flurry of kicking legs while you try to line up the snaps. The. Worst.


I started out sewing baby tops and bottoms together and taking my little one out on group play dates and the response was amazing. Customers loved the idea of all-in-ones that were stylish and totally practical. Tiny Victory was born!


Working with a small family owned company in Peru, we designed, finessed and tested the outfits on my baby. Finally, I had something I could really be proud of.  I designed an all-in-one with a genius invisible zipper in classic, sophisticated colors, made with the softest Peruvian cotton in the universe. And all of our styles are easy to slip into so your little one is quickly dressed and ready to go. 


For this ATB Boostr campaign, I’m excited to offer two styles which include our most popular all-in-one outfit in two color options and an oh so cozy romper in two colors. 



Each outfit features:

- A zipper cover and liner protecting your little one’s delicate skin

- Extendible cuffs that grow with your little one

- An adjustable waistband for that perfect fit (and easy on sensitive tummies)

- Real pockets to store treasures or cheerios

- Classic stripes and knee patches providing timeless style for any season



Of course this clothing line isn’t just for mothers, but for all parents that appreciate and value thoughtful designs. Tiny Victory is about making parents look like they have it together, even when they’re struggling, like I was. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference!

Mar 1, 2019
Project launched


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