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There are 3,000 Gamers in Calgary with no space to play...We'll fix that.


The Gaming Industry is experiencing rapid growth of 20% year over year. Over 3,000 players in Calgary alone. However, Calgary only offers enough space for 70 players per day. The Waaagh aims to increase this capacity. We are planning to offer play space, paint services, and product to assist in the communities growth

The Gaming market is continuing to grow, with growth predictions of over 20% per year. In addition, the Gaming market continues to diversify as more games are released. The growth in Calgary has in recent years plataued due to lack of space to play. The Waaagh will acquire the tables and supplies necessary for further market growth. We will be targeting Tabletop, Card, and RPG gamers within Calgary that number more than 3,000 players

The Waaagh's key strategy is to be an active member of the Calgary Gaming community. The Waaagh will participate in game events and festivals within southern Alberta. Specifically in Calgary. At these events we will target all gamers and representatives. The Waaagh will also use Facebook to engage consumers directly creating a dialogue with local players.

The Waaagh will require funds to acquire a location. We will also be using funds to provide materials to build tables and supply accesories in order to play games.  We would need $10,000 to make our gaming space the place to be!  Help us bring this to Calgary and in return we can provide you savings.

Sep 19, 2016
Project launched


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