The Universal Drink Insulator - Wrap it Up!

Vegreville, Canada
James McCrimmon


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Do you actually fully enjoy every beverage you purchase? Coffee get cold? Beer get warm? Ice cream melt? We have the answer! Just Wrap It UP


Do you ever get to that last sip of your beer only to be turned off by the taste? Warm, bitter, just plain gross!
Do you find when you first get your hot drinks that they are SO hot they burn your hand? Yet by the time you are 3/4 done they are way to cold to enjoy?
What would you think if I told you that we could make EVERY drink you purchase fully enjoyable, from the first to the last sip?!
Well we can! The Universal Drink Insulator was invented for everyone to fully enjoy and get their moneys worth from every drink purchase! It is a fully adjustable one size fits all, nearly indestructible, better than Styrofoam, Military Grade neoprene, customizable sleeve!The benefits of using The Universal Drink Insulator stop!
Lets talk about The Universal Drink Insulator(The U.D.I)...
  1. It transforms EVERY cup into a better than Styrofoam cup, without the excessive environmental waste
  2. Saves trees, no more need cardboard sleeves that just end up as waste
  3. Reusable, washable with hot water and mild soap for months/ years of use
  4. Keep your beer as cold as you got it, all the way to the end
  5. Enjoy your hot drinks from the minute you grab it, to the last warm sip.
  6. No more frozen hands while your ice cream, freezie or slushie melts.
  7. Wrap up your drinks in your lunches to keep them cold for enjoyment.
Not very often do you find something you will use EVERYDAY!The Universal Drink Insulator is good from your morning coffee, your water bottle during the day, your take out cup at lunch, your beer/ wine glass at supper and even your pint of ice cream in the evening while you watch your favorite show!
The best part of The Universal Drink Insulator is that they are fully customizable (choose from 6 Styles) advertise your- company, sports league, conference, weddings, concerts, clubs, tournaments, and so much more. There isn't a person in the world that doesn't drink or eat something that The Universal Drink Insulator couldn't make more enjoyable!
The idea of a promotional product, is to give a customer a gift that they will enjoy and in turn they use it in public to help advertise your business. Unfortunately- this does not always happen.
I have had several people stop me while at the pub and ask me where i got my Universal Drink Insulator (U.D.I). You have people stare at your coffee cup as you leave the coffee shop. Double take at the restaurant while the family has their drinks all wrapped up for enjoyment.
The U.D.I is very cool, new and IT WORKS!!
Support Local!!
For Canadian orders- every step from printing, sewing, signs, boxes, and stands are done right here in Alberta! The only thing we have to outsource is our fabric, which is made in the U.S.A.With such items constantly being sourced from overseas, we take so much pride in the fact we are a made in Canada product! This will be the highest quality insulated drink wrap that you have ever seen.
Lets do the math on a few items to see how quickly you will get your moneys worth of enjoyment from The U.D.I
  • Lets say you have 5 cups of coffee a week
  • 5 x 2 = $10
  • or 2 Beers/ Restaurant Drinks
  • 2 x 6 = $12
  • or 1 Ice Cream pint
  • 1 x 6 = $6
  • or 5 Sodas/ Energy Drinks/ Bottles of Water
  • 5 X 2 = $10
I can tell you that you will get almost 50% more enjoyment from every product you use The U.D.I with- so it would at worst take 2 weeks for payback of your investment.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I will gladly refund any non customized Universal Drink Insulator if your not satisfied with how well it works for your beverages/food, with proof of purchase.
I have never had a complaint yet :)
Also Standard Canada Post Shipping included in all packages
Mar 17, 2019
Project launched


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