The SoccerGenius Centre: A Better Place to Learn and Play

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Charles Richard Cotton


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An amazing new 20,000 sq ft indoor facility in Calgary, Canada. FIFA Pro grass turf. Massive family viewing area and friendly staff. A safe and super positive place for soccer-loving kids, families, and adults.


What is the SoccerGenius Centre?

The SoccerGenius Centre is a state-of-the-art indoor facility that provides year-round play and development programs for soccer-loving players, families, teams, and leagues.  

It is a place where young children can learn in a safe, positive, and skill-based environment without the fear of screaming coaches, sitting on the bench, or being cut from a team.  

It's a place where adults can enjoy the beautiful game in a professional, friendly atmosphere that actively promotes non-violent and respectful fair play.

So, the SoccerGenius Centre is not just the awesome Italian FIFA 2 grass futsal fields, 32' high ceilings, nice changerooms, and huge viewing mezzanine, it's a permanent home for the expanding SoccerGenius community.

It's a place where more and more people can enjoy the benefits and fun of the massively popular SoccerGenius programs, including:

   Adventurers program for families with children between 18months and 5 years

   SoccerGenius Academy and Skills Leagues for players grades 1 to adult

   Adult futsal and 3v3 league play

   Freestyle skills learning and Street Soccer Panna play

   Coaching and Instructor training and certification.


The Centre is set to open in October of 2015 and construction is already well under way.  We'd love to have you help us bring the Centre to life.


Why is our Centre a Better Place to Learn and Play? 

We're all about helping people Play Well, Have Fun, and Be Amazing!  

We love teaching soccer, guiding players (young and old) in their different stages of development, and watching their skills grow as they become better players.

Our programs are delivered by professionaly trained and certified instructors with a spirit of excitement, enthusiasm, and encouragement for each person we serve.


We guarantee it!

But the Centre is more than building skilled athletes, it's a place where real community exists.  Our staff and members know that we're genuinely interested in the well-being and lives of everyone that walks through our doors.  They see and experience the passion we bring to each one of our sessions.  It helps build the positive and friendly environment that we've come to be known for.

We also know that developing successful players and successful people is a long-term process that requires proper instruction, patience, and a heavy doses of positive play!

So, the SoccerGenius Centre is a better place to learn and play because we very purposefully work to counteract the negative trends in soccer (and sport in general), including:

  • No screaming or yelling coaches -  We give specific positive praise and inspiring challenges that grow the love of the game
  • No screaming or yelling parents -  We model respectful behaviour and have a "no parent coaching from the stands" guideline
  • No "win-at-all-costs" mentality  -  We focus on real skill learning with a commitment to the long-term development and enjoyment of each player. Learning to play soccer and develop positive life-skills is a long-term process that is easily ignored when focus shifts to 'winning-at-all-costs'.
  • No favouritism, politics, getting cut or stuck on the bench - We GUARANTEE equal playing time, equal development time, and thoughtful 'best placement' of athletes based on their stage of learning and play ability 
  • No violent or abusive behaviour, trash-talking, or sexist, homophobic, or racist expressions -  We model, teach, and mandate respectful, fair play.  We have a zero-tolerance approach to violence and abuse.  We want our members, staff, and guests to know that they will be able to enjoy the beautiful game in a safe and fun environment.


Why is it called SoccerGenius?

SoccerGenius is the brianchild of Charles Richard Cotton, the founder and president of Enlightened Soccer. 

Charles started using the term with a U10 girls' team his oldest daughter played on and that he coached (she's now a staff member at the Centre!).  One day at practice, he was teaching a skill and encouraged the girls to be SoccerGeniuses.  


The lightning struck and Charles started to formulate a long-term plan for bringing his teaching methods and philosophy to the world of youth soccer.   He now calls these girls "The First Ladies of SoccerGenius".

The vision formed to create SoccerGenius Centres, both locally and internationally, where people could learn and play in the SoccerGenius Way. 

The philosophy behind SoccerGenius is simple:  Everyone has inside of them a spark of Genius - whether it's in soccer, sport, or any other area of life.  Charles has committed his life to helping others discover, unleash, and masterfully develop that Genius spark.  His prime focus is doing that through teaching soccer but the methods and philosophy are applicable to other sports and all areas of life.

This committment and focus helped Charles build the SoccerGenius System of development, the SOGA program (Soccer Yoga), and numerous other methods for helping people discover their own SoccerGenius.  

He first started teaching the methods to the Calgary community in 2008, worked out of raquetball courts, community halls and fields, rented indoor facilities, and more recently, built the community and programs out of the Foothills Soccer indoor facility.

The growth of the programs and leagues (and the SoccerGenius community) has been so great that building the new Centre became a natural next step in the long-term development of the Enlightened Soccer company.

Why are we doing an ATB BoostR campaign -And what are the funds raised being used for?

The Centre is happening regardless of the success of our BoostR campaign....but we we will have to scale back considerably on the design.  These funds from the BoostR campaign will make The SoccerGenius Centre the facility it needs to be for everyone's enjoyment.

We will use the funds to purchase these needed items: 

  1. Field divider curtains and protective foam padding, which are essential safety items that increase player/user enjoyment.
  2. Fireproofing drywall for the main field area that is required to meet the City of Calgary code for our business use.
  3. Rooftop building heating unit required to heat the members reception, changerooms, birthday party room, and our main floor offices.
  4. Viewing area bleachers that will allow our members and guests to enjoy the on-field games and programming.


What are the Rewards?

We really appreciate your support and contribution, so we want to provide you with rewards to help celebrate. 

Here are the rewards that you can get from the 'BoostR' column on the right:

  • $25  SoccerGenius Wall of Fame Level 1:  Get your name on the Wall of Fame inside the SoccerGenius Centre as a lasting momento of your support.
  • $55  SoccerGenius Custom Ball:  From our fair trade partner Senda Athletics. Choose from outdoor or futsal options.
  • $100  SoccerGenius Wall of Fame Level 2:  Name on the wall, plus a custom ball and a quick-dry SoccerGenius Centre T-shirt
  • $100  Private Lesson with Charles:  Limited special offer only for the BoostR, 1 hour session with Charles to help you dramatically improve your skillful play
  • $120  Family Night Five Pack:  Five 90 minute Friday Family Night play for up to four family members
  • $250  Birthday Party:  For your child and up to 11 friends.  Sundays only.  Make your child's birthday a SoccerGenius party.
  • $500 Full Facility Private Booking:  Two hours use of the entire SoccerGenius Centre all to your own.  Includes both fields, mezzanine, kitchen area, dedicated staff member, and equipment.
  • $1000 Honourary SoccerGenius Centre Founding Member: For those wishing to make a larger contribution to the Centre. Includes commerative plague and special recognition in the SoccerGenius community media.

AND you can also make a contribution without receiving a reward.  Contributions can be made in any amount and a greatly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance for your support!



Aug 18, 2015
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