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The SHOW seeks to retain talented performers in our city and improve our cultural landscape, by offering funding to deserving young artists.


The SHOW began from our discovering a need to train and provide opportunities for high-level performers in our city. Far too often young adults ages 16-25, who have reached a considerable level of ability in singing and dancing, either leave our city to pursue training and opportunities elsewhere, or simply quit, due a lack of financial support to continue their training.  This is a loss of cultural potential to our city - that we have seen occur in countless times over. And in cases where performers quit, it unfortunately ends a performers dreams - a terrible situation especially after training for many years.

Calgary should be a place where young talented performers thrive - with ample opportunity to grow, express, create, train, and showcase their skills to inspire, entertain, and enrich the lives of the people in our city.  The SHOW offers training, and opportunities to highly-skilled young performers to carry on their artistic journey, and we produce our own events to contribute to culture locally (and beyond).  Our program is tuition based - and while we have worked hard to create an affordable program, we still encounter some young, highly-skilled, talented performers that are unable to engage our program due to a lack of funds. 

Our BoostR campaign seeks to raise funds to subsidize the tuition of deserving skilled young performers, who otherwise couldn't afford to continue their training in Calgary, or at all.

By boosting our campain you will not only help provide opportunities to talented artists, you'll be sending them a clear message that they, their incredible abilities, their sustantial efforts, and their dreams, matter. This will absolutely help retain performers in our city, keep them training when they otherwise wouldn't be able to continue, and increase both their skill and power, and that of The SHOW's. The result of a your contributing to a successful campain will attract skilled performers to our program, and directly help maintain the training regiments of young artists. This will increase the caliber of the live art we create on stages in our city, adding to the cultural landscape of our city. 

Nov 1, 2018
Project launched


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