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Mark Lootens


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Campaign Description

We build mattresses and bedroom furniture without all of the harmful chemicals, glues and off-gassing foams.


We are excited about local manufacturing and believe that by manufacturing and selling directly to the consumer we can provide a product and a very competitive price, which also allows the company to generate revenue and profits that are sustainable and allow for long-term growth. 

We also think that products which improve the health of Canadians while also being environmentally sustainable are becoming increasingly in demand. Products such as natural fiber mattresses and bedding products are not only in vogue socially, they are good business. 

We have two marketing and sales strategies. We are fortunate that one of our partners is a very talented craftsman and furniture maker. We will use his creations and designs to generate a social media following, where beautiful and creative craftsmanship is proving to be extremely popular. We will also showcase these designs at our retail location at The Market on Macleod and our showroom, with the goal of creating repeat traffic because customers want to see what we have built next. 

We also want to meet as many people as possible and tell our story, so places such as markets and trade shows are ideal for interacting and mingling with a group of people who value locally made, healthy and sustainable products. We will use these interactions to gain brand exposure and to filter interested potential customers to our showroom location. At our showroom location, we will take the time to show the customer how the products are made, what they are made of, and how we can customize the products for their individual sleeping needs, as well as giving the customer the opportunity to experience our product in a more private and comfortable setting.  

We are planning on using the funds raised to three purposes. They are:

1. To build showroom bed frames, mattresses and end tables

2. To build custom equipment to help us manufacture more effectively and efficiently

3. To buy signage for the shop and pay for a small marketing campaign. 


Apr 26, 2017
Project launched


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