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Shayleen McHugh


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Help The Light Journey facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit with natural and holistic self care products and services.


Passion & Purpose

I have been a professional Reiki Practitioner since 2016 after I completed the Usui Reiki Master Level training at Mount Royal University. Before I started my business, I had a background in retail management and corporate administration. Despite having what some would describe as a 'dream' job, I wanted to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level and this drive has been with me since I was a child. After struggling with mental health issues as a result of trauma and abuse during childhood, I gained the insight that I wanted to help others and it took many years of support and self care before I was able to take the steps to start loving myself and granting myself the energy and space to heal.

I believe each one of us is responsible for our own healing journey. That healing is a form of self care and love and it is fundamental to our understanding of self and inner personal growth.

Each day I strive to help others, not only is this my passion but I believe it is my purpose. 

Since I started The Light Journey I have had the privelege of working with over 20 different clients, I have volunteered over 30 hours at local community support programs such as The Alex and the Canadian Mental Health Association. I have donated over $600 in products in services to support women's health and wellness events and organizations in Calgary, such as the Women in Need Society.

In order to maintain my impact and continue to grow my business, I need your help.


Why Crowdfunding & How You Can Help?

Win or lose, crowdfunding is an opportunity to gain exposure and validation for current products and services.

If I am successful in meeting my goal of $6000, your support will help me:

  • Introduce New Bath Salt Product materials;                                                             environmentally friendly labels and packaging
  • Purchase ingredients to launch the new 'Rise' bath salt blend;                                                 epsom salts, essential oils, organic herbs
  • Purchase supplies and equipment to support my mobile Reiki business;                                     utility bag and table warmer
  • Step up my online presence with a new camera and photo light box
  • Create a bigger work space;                                                                                                 sit/stand desk, shelving for inventory

Exceeding my goal of $6000, your support will help me:

  • Advertise through Facebook and Google ads
  • Participate in markets and trade shows by covering vendor costs and application fees;                 Body Soul Spirit Expo, Health & Wellness Expo
  • Purchase materials needed not supplied at local markets;                                                               folding table, canopy, room divider, dolly


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Feb 1, 2019
Project launched


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