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Campaign Description

LeftOvers Foundation rescues food from being thrown in the garbage and delivers it to agencies feeding those in need. Help us build an app!


About This Campaign

We would like to develop a free smartphone app to become the new backbone of our growing organization.


What We Do 

Our mission statement is Eliminate Food Waste. Alleviate Hunger.

Close to half of food produced worldwide is wasted, discarded in processing, transport, grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries and kitchens.  LeftOvers Foundation is an organization that rescues food from being thrown in the garbage, and ensures it gets to service agencies that are in need.    

The process is simple and effective.  Participating vendors (grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, commissary kitchens) donate perishable food items that are still edible but no longer able to be put up for sale (e.g. food that would not be able to be sold by the expiry date, day-old baked goods, etc).  Leftovers coordinates a team of volunteers to pick up these donated items and deliver it to service agencies to ease their food expenses and fill their kitchens with usable ingredients that would otherwise have gone to a landfill.  


The Plan

We are currently faced with two issues:

1) In order to establish objective measures of success for our mission statement, we need to be able to quantify the amount of food rescued by our organization.  This would require our volunteers reporting the amount of food they pickup/drop-off for every route.

2) Like a lot of volunteer organizations, we have issues engaging our current volunteer base.  We feel that due to the nature of the volunteer work (e.g. it’s done on an individual’s own time and mostly in isolation of other volunteers from the organization), developing a sense of community within our organization is hard to do but very necessary for volunteer engagement.

We would like to develop a free smartphone app (and necessary supporting website and database) for our volunteers and administration team.  The app we envision addresses our first issue by giving our volunteers a quick and easy way of entering the weight of their pickup AND have this weight associated with a route and their profile.  A smartphone app allows the user to enter this information instantaneously, right at the time they weigh their pickup at the service agency (using a Leftovers scale that can be found at every service agency).  Ideally, the app would also include some messaging functionality between the volunteer, vendor and service agency contact.  We feel this functionality will help to bring all sections of our Leftovers Community together online.  Having the profiles associated with weights of food entered will also help to facilitate a volunteer reward level system, which could help with volunteer engagement. 

Thank you so much for learning about our passion and mission to eliminate food waste and eliminate hunger in Calgary. With your support, we will be able to maximize our impact by building an app, which will engage volunteers and increase efficiency. Please boost our campaign today for some amazing rewards from our vendors and other generous small businesses!

Thank you!

The Leftovers Team

Apr 1, 2016
Project launched


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