The Drinkle Craft Beer Hotel

Calgary, Canada
Rachel Drinkle


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The Drinkle Craft Beer Hotel - The perfect host for your next beercation!


With the incredible growth of the provinces Craft Beer industry Calgary is now home to almost 50 Craft Breweries.  That is 50 places that are generating employment and enjoyment for the good people of Calgary.  For every $1 spent on Craft Beer $1.20 is put back into the economy! That is HUGE! 

Beer tourism is a thing! Food travel is a thing! Now let's show the world Calgary's things! Wait....

I mean...Calgary needs a place that travellers can come to that will navigate them through our large Craft Beer Community.  It needs a place that all Craft Breweries in town can showcase their wares, promote their events, and make it easy for the travellers and locals to join in on all the fun.

I have spent 12 years in Hotel/Restaurant Management, 3 years in Business, and the past 10 years as an educator.  I have travelled and lived abroad.  I LOVE hosting events and am incredibly in love with the Calgary Craft Beer Community.  The Drinkle Craft Beer Hotel is my way of bringing all of my life's experiences into one glorious business.  I AM READY! 

I am ready to show the world that Calgary is more than just a stop on the way to the mountains, more than just Stampede and more than just an oil and gas town. Calgary is a community that excels in relationship building, full of world class restaurants, bars, and is a city you need to stay here to experience.

This venture is HUGE! It is way bigger than me, way bigger than all of us. It can't, and won't be done without your support. It is going to take all of us! If you are a craft beer lover, brewer, creator, educator, or even just a friend, no one can do something this huge by themselves, and that's why I am crowdfunding.

This crowdfunding campaign is just the beginning.  In order to start this massive task we are going to require, a building, renovations, investor partnerships, and market research.  My personal goal for this campaign is $25000. I want to blow this competition out of the water and make it the most successful campaign ever for the ATB.  Let's prove to Calgary and Canada that WE ARE READY! 

Feb 1, 2019
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