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What to do when your doctor tells you to stop all exercise? Control your weight just from what you eat! Read more here


Fitness has always been important to me. In 2008 I graduated with my Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) diploma. While I was pregnant with my daughter I developed really bad cardiac arrhythmias. In 2013, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). As a result of my diagnosis, I am not allowed to exercise for the rest of my life. Nutrition is now the only way I can control and manage my weight. 

In 2015 I started a blog called Fitless Flavor. The blog shares my journey of only using nutrition to lose weight. The results were very encouraging and inspired the start of The Complete Plate. The Complete Plate is committed to providing education and resources in the three areas of food wellness: meal planning, nutrition and cooking. Over the past year we have been working a book. 

The book provides 6 weeks of 5 day meal plans for 1300, 1500, 2000, and 2500 kcal. Each day is perfectly balanced to provide 100% of your macro and micro nutrients based on current daily recommended intake values. You know that if you follow the plan you will receive all of your daily intake for potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. purely from your diet. The book also attempts to bridge the gap between nutrition and flavor. Healthy eating can taste amazing! To develop a book that was beyond reproach I consulted with a registered dietitian and chef. Similar plans can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. We strongly feel that economics should not be a hinderance to having access to sound scientific nutritional information. 

Our mission is that the Complete Plate will redefine how people understand nutrition. We live in a time where people are bombarded by fad diets based on claims that are not scientifically supported. We want to encourage critical thinking and provide a resource that presents sound nutritional information so that individuals can begin to develop healthy and positive associations with food again.

Funds will help to pay for photography, design, editing, publishing, distrubution and marketing of The Complete Plate. Not only will your support of our campaign provide you with scientifically supported meal plans, you will also be pioneers with us in starting a movement that holds nutritional claims accountable. #saynotodietfads   


Sep 14, 2016
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