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If you could eat a delicious and nutritious wholefood burger every day, and it was actually good for you and the planet—would you?


In 2015, we started It's All Good Organic Cafe in the Market on Macleod a year after Kenny's health issues.  Kenny wanted to change his lifestyle through plant-based diet and spent one year in getting his health back.  He wanted to share his experience and ended up developing an organic plant-based burger that is wholesome, nutritious and delicious. 

Our plant-based organic burger is for everyone. Yes, vegetarians and vegans can’t stop thanking us for making the burgers that don’t just compete with meat.   We have been talking to many people who are not vegetarians or vegans.  From flexitarians to folks who are transitioning and looking to reduce meat consumption for the countless health benefits, more people appreciate downright wholesome, unprocessed food that delivers mouth-watering taste combined with convenience.

Our organic plant-based burger is of premium quality unlike most other “veggie” burgers currently on the market. BtB burger is unique in that it does not contain highly processed protein isolate, wheat gluten, GMO based grain fillers and tofu (unfermented soy) and unnatural preservatives. BtB burger is not made in the lab trying to mock meat.  It is made in a commercial kitchen with a passion and creatively inspired by health and nutrition.  It contains 100% organic whole foods and premium vegetables, herbs and spices to offer a full flavor dense product like a real meat burger. There are no fillers like potato and oatmeal. BtB Burger is completely Non-GMO, No MSG or artificial flavors, Gluten-Free (celiac friendly) and 100% Vegan qualified. It truly is one of kind! This is how the food was meant to be—just like nature intended, for everybody, Whole food! all-inclusive! That’s what BtB burger is all about. 

Producing meatless burgers require: 

·  99% less water

·  93% less land

·  90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions

·  Nearly 50% less energy

Thus, no animal cruelty, less carbon footprint, and less environmental impact.

Local, Fresh, Organic…DELICIOUS!

You love the local taste. We love supporting our local economy. We try our best to source locally as much as possible. For example, we get our indigenous wild rice from Saskatchewan, sprouted lentils from Ontario and garlic from Western Canada. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our ingredients. You deserve premium quality and taste.

Why do we need your support?

We have outgrown the commercial kitchen we have been sharing. The tricky part is that we need funding to expand so we can produce more burgers on a larger scale.   

We need your support in taking the next leap.  We can then expand into new markets and achieve more distribution agreements. More markets and increased distribution (grocery stores, restaurants, markets.) means not just a healthier Calgary, but a healthier Canada as well. 

With your help expanding into more markets and increasing distribution, you’d also be helping create jobs in Calgary, Alberta, and beyond.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

With gratitude,


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Feb 16, 2019
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