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The Alberta Impact Fund is creating economic innovation, social prosperity & environmental integrity by providing "impact" capital and capacity building in the areas of sustainable strategic planning, governance & leadership development to Alberta's small & medium sized businesses.



In today's society, we see numerous social & environmental issues that challenge the way we live our day to day lives. From unemployment, poverty & gender inequities, to rising greenhouse gas concentrations and extreme weather events, these global challenges also affect us right here at home in Alberta.


Historically, working to solve these problems has been the role of governments & non profits, while business has focused on increasing financial returns. However, there is a movement underway that is redefining how businesses define & create value. It focuses on value for all stakeholders and not just the shareholders. It's called social enterprise & it is financed by a new kind of investor - Impact Investors. 

Businesses around the world and locally are embracing this new mindset. Hop Compost is a Calgary-based small business that was recently recognized as one of The Most Innovative Companies in Alberta by Alberta Venture Magazine, has provided meaningful employment to 5 full time staff, sequestered 6,000,000 lbs of CO2 and is expanding across the country. All in less than a year of operations. With a deeply engrained commitment to social & environmental benefit, in addition to turning a healthy profit. Hop is part of the movement to do business differently. 

Hop is part of the nearly 160,000 small businesses operating in Alberta, representig 95% of all companies in the province. These businesses are often referred to as the cornerstone of our economy. But access to capital and capacity building consistently rank as the biggest challenges facing these small businesses.

So how do we support this vital component of our economy AND also support our community and environment?


The Alberta Impact Fund, that’s how!

The fund is structured like a traditional venture capital fund but also has social & environmental targets built right into it.

By raising a pool of capital ($25 million) from our impact investors, we will then invest in up to 40 of Alberta’s small & medium sized businesses. At the outset of the investment, the company will complete the B Impact Assessment. Over the course of the investment, the investee companies will undergo rigorous capacity building activities in the areas of strategic planning, governance and leadership development. We will provide a trained, female board member to each company to positively impact governance and increase female representation on boards in Alberta. 4 years later, at the end of the investment, these companies will retake the B Impact Assessment to quantify their positive impacts. By aggregating all of these impacts, we will demonstrate movement to a more resilient & diversified Alberta economy.

Our firm has been doing this work with individual companies for 8 years, with great success. Now, with the help of amazing partners & supporters, we are ready to scale and work with a larger number of companies for a larger impact.

Our Ask:

We are asking for $4000 through our Boostr campaign. We will use these funds to raise awareness, reach the small businesses with whom we do not already have a connection and to build the our online dashboard that will measure the social, environmental & financial impacts.


In recognition of your boost, you will receive a range of rewards from a bag of Calgary’s best, most innovative and organic compost from Hop Compost, to an opportunity to participate in some of the capacity building activities that we will be providing to our investee companies. The very best part about your Boost – is that we have a private donor that will match every dollar that we raise up to $4000. So by boosting us for $20, you are actually doubling your impact, making it a $40 Boost!

So, the question is, how will you join the movement? 

Nov 16, 2015
Project launched


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