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Help us bring our herbally infused organic raw chocolate and deeply healthy mct oil tinctures outward to the people!


We are both strong believers in the daily use of herbal medicines, from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition and elsewhere, to help tonify and replenish the body and mind in response to the stresses and busyings of day to day life. After years of fussing around with a kitchen counter full of powders, pills and supplements, which can often be overwhelming and discouraging for someone just looking to get started with herbalism, we decided to formalize & make good on a few concepts that we've always just crafted and shared with friends and family: infusing deeply healthy superfood herbs such as Tulsi and Ashwaghanda into 2 offerings. The first is our raw organic chocolate, which is of potent medicinal value already in its natural form; the second is our mct oils, purified and derived from coconuts and then low heat infused with our herbs, so that a few drops in your morning coffee/tea/smoothie will let you derive the clarifying and adaptogenic value over the long term.

We are seeking crowdfunding and support so that we may acquire the initial investment capital to produce our wares on a slightly larger scale, still lovingling hand-crafted and now in a volume that will allow us to open accounts at organic grocers and yoga/ fitness studios, where the demand for such daily nourishment has already proven to be high, and only upward in its trajectory as we let more and more people gain knowledge of how something as simple as a few bites of raw chocolate, or a serving of herbally infused healthy fat mct oil, can radically shift one's daily well-being!

Mar 1, 2019
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