Talking Rock Tours: Open Your Eyes & Your Mind To Alberta!

Edmonton, Canada
Keith Diakiw


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Help fund Alberta's first geo-educational tour company combining the earth sciences and local indigenous storytelling into one experience!


Talking Rock Tours is Alberta's first geo-educational hiking and sightseeing adventure company!  We conduct mini-talks to small tour groups prior to exploring each geological wonder along with the local indigenous history and storytelling to create a truly unique holistic experience for all.  They will find themselves inspired on many levels once they fully appreciate what they are about to see because every rock and stone has a story to tell...

Like many others, I have been collecting rocks as far back as I can remember.  At the age of 10, I took it up a notch by jumping on my black and yellow BMX bike with my backpack and my dad’s red bricklaying hammer every weekend, during the summer months, to explore the local dirt and gravel deposits that surrounded our new sub-division in Hinton.  As I grew up, I would venture further from home to local rivers and streams to explore those deposits and discover even fossils!  My love for the earth sciences started at a young age and has inspired me through both my university and professional careers.

There is a void to fill in today's tourism industry and by launching Talking Rock Tours, it will help make the Alberta tourism scene even better.  My appreciation of the earth sciences and Canadian history is now channelled into teaching as my purpose in business.  I can geo-educate the public, as well as provide a collaborative tour platform to share the many exciting ‘untold’ stories of the local indigenous people.  My business goal is to provide a new form of "edutourism" or "edutainment" that not only benefits my geo-explorers, but their family and friends as they share their new fondest memories and stories.  This sharing of new found knowledge around the supper table will inspire the next generation of earth scientists, tour operators, and leaders of tomorrow…


“The past never changes, but the way we understand it, learn about it, and know about it changes all the time.”

Oct 6, 2017
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