Support Alberta’s 1st worker-owned bakery in launching a store in inner city Calgary

Calgary, Canada
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We are a worker-owned co-operative bakery and pizzeria which produces organic & artisan breads and pastries.


 The Grain Exchange is Alberta’s first 100% worker-owned co-operative bakery and pizzeria. We are proud to help revive sourdough and hand-crafted small-batch baking. Are you craving quality by-the-slice and take-out pizza? We sure have been! Local ingredients and organic grains from our world-famous prairie-growers are prominent in our menus. From breads to pastries, it is baking as it should be.   With all of our staff as owners, and the only owners being our staff, our business is rooted in our community providing delicious food and rewarding jobs. We will be leaders in the expansion of living wage jobs in the food sector. We will be leaders in creating a workplace where employees have a meaningful say. During hard economic times like these, co-operatives are twice as likely to survive as other business start-ups. It is business as it should be, and of all places, this is where a business like this should be. Calgary needs The Grain Exchange.

Inspired by worker-owned bakeries in California, the success of this business will seed future living-wage worker co-operatives. Your contribution helps make a fairer economy possible, one bakery at a time. 

We are more than a social enterprise and we're not a charity. We are putting employees and the community first since this bakery literally belongs to the employees. We want you to own our oven. Help us exceed our goal!


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are transitioning from being a small-scale pop-up operation to a full retail storefront bakery, and want to work with the public in moving us forward. The $15,500 from our AB BoostR campaign will go towards the following for our new retail storefront:

$13,500- A Pizza Deck Oven.
$2000 - A Wood Work Table. The table all bakers need for working and forming dough by hand.

Exceeding our $15,500 goal will enable us to do the following:

Next $900 – Small wares: A working bakery has a plethora of small items used in daily production – everything from digital scales to razors for scoring loaves.

Next $1,000 – Bannetones: These are specially designed wicker baskets for bread proofing. Their non-stick design and elegant ribbed interior enables our loaves to rise gently and impart and beautiful ring finish.

Next $1,500 – Inventory: We are participating in local markets and bake-shares this summer. 



Jun 16, 2015
Project launched


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