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Fuel Strength! Find Community! Feel Joy!


Studio 8 is a trendy boutique fitness studio opening in Raymond, Alberta. It started as a vision, turned passion, to make group fitness accessible, affordable and totally appealing to our rural community.   

Choose your FREE reward for pre pledging an unlimited membership, punch pass or gift card today!  You will not be charged for your purchase until we reach our goal!  

Membership Pricing

Monthly Membership $40

Family Membership $50

10 Class Punch Pass $60

Drop in $10


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Here are 8 reasons why you will love it!

1.     Accessibility – We did it!  Raymond finally has a dedicated facility for group fitness! No more inconvenient and pricey travel to get to your favorite classes. And we have leveraged the latest powers of technology to bring you the best world-class yoga and exercise. Plus you can download our app and book classes anytime, anywhere!  

               We are here for YOU!  Because you are totally worth it!

 2.     Community – We believe in the power of people working together, encouraging and supporting each other. Helping each other be the best we can be. You are not alone. We offer the boutique fitness experience you are seeking. Camaraderie! A welcoming place!  A refuge!   

               Whatever stage we are at in life, we are all in this together!

3.     Positivity – It’s hard not to be happy after a fitness class at Studio 8!  Working out is an awesome way to boost your mood, even on the hardest days. Thank you endorphins! It is our goal to provide each and every student who walks through our doors with a positive and joyful experience that will strengthen and nourish your mind, body, and spirit; 

4.     Quality – We are proud to offer you certified and top industry group classes.  At an awesome introductory price you can afford! Beachbody!  FitFusion!  Barre!  High! Power Music! Yoga Works! Zumba! P1493 & more!

5.     Amenities – When you go to the studio, you can leave everything behind and spend time focusing on just your personal well-being. Got little ones? Take advantage of our childcare Playroom. After your work out, be sure to treat yourself to a protein shake, smoothie, or healthy snack at Caf 8!  You can even rent our beautiful space for receptions, birthdays, showers, retreats, and community and corporate events.  

6.     Accountability -  Positive people who work out together help keep each other motivated and accountable!  We track your attendance and send friendly reminders for the classes you register for.  Plus, we know where you live! 

7. Flexibility - We are not talking about touching your toes. We are talking about our schedule.  Whatever your level, whatever your stage in life, before work, during the day, or evening, we have more variety, more choice, more flexibility, more innovation.

It’s about time! 

8.  Opportunity - New to group fitness? Even if you have never touched a toe on a yoga mat before or sweat it out in a barre class, don't belong here!  At Studio 8, we offer everyone and every body a beautiful space to connect with themselves and others and experience a new joy of fitness.  And be sure to sign up for our exciting rewards program!  Because fitness should always be rewarding!

We encourage you to join our community today for a happier, more confident, motivated, strengthened and nourished YOU!  

Why ATB BoostR?

We want to launch a successful business.  Our goal is to open our doors when we have reached 100 memberships!  We need your help to get us there. 

 We aren't just building a company, we are building a community!

Without you, there is no Studio 8.

To boost our registration quickly, we are offering special rewards and a low introductory rate for registering today!  Please support us and then help us spread the word. At Studio 8, we are all in this together! 

Stronger you!  Stronger Community!

Nov 6, 2018
Project launched


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