StudentHire: Tackling student debt via "one-time jobs"

Edmonton, Canada
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StudentHire is a platform that connects post secondary students with one-time job opportunities; delivering social value in the gig economy


What is StudentHire?

StudentHire is a social enterprise that connects post-secondary students with “one-time jobs.” These jobs are provided by individuals and businesses who want to hire students to take care of various tasks. Collectively, students have a diverse skill set that many individuals and businesses want to tap into; StudentHire makes the process convenient, and secure. From graphic design and photography, to landscaping, and snow shoveling, we have found that we can find students to get almost any job done. We focus our efforts on finding "one-time jobs," that do not require any commitment from the student beyond the specific gig (ex. one photo shoot, design a logo, one-time snow removal etc.).  


What have we done, and what’s the plan from here?

StudentHire is 8 months into our beta test/market validation phase, where we have only been operating in Edmonton. Over the past 8 months we have received 902 job postings and built a customer base of 2,300 users. To date, we have grown the business through word of mouth, social media, kijiji, and direct marketing (we infrequently hold booths in post-secondary institutions). Despite our lack of budget, we have validated the market, and are now poised to expand the business into Calgary and Lethbridge!


Why are we launching this campaign?

We are extremely grateful for the 900+ people who have posted jobs to our website since February. Their support has provided us with the knowledge and confidence to expand our reach to Calgary and Lethbridge. We are launching this campaign to facilitate our expansion, and give you the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of hiring a local student. Take a look at the rewards, and select one that is relevant to you! We made the list of rewards based on the most popular job categories to date.

While we hope the powers that be are doing everything they can to lighten the financial burden placed upon students, StudentHire adds a voice to the conversation about student debt and affordable education.  Together, we can provide opportunities for students to make money and gain experience, doing real work.

Thank you so much for joining us in our cause to help alleviate student debt, and provide opportunity to students that need it.


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Nov 7, 2017
Project launched


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