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STANDOUT Publications is a monthly print magazine created by Canadians about Canadians who STAND OUT.


STANDOUT Publications is an upcoming print and digital magazine that celebrates the artists and entrepreneurs in the Canadian creative industry.

STANDOUT Publications is a magazine created by Canadian artists about Canadian art. Our mission is to make your life more colourful, more beautiful, more juicy by bringing you monthly doses of Canadian creativity. We say move over moguls, watch out weathermen, take a pause politicians. Here come Canadian superheroes who sing, dance, paint and draw. They write, photograph, act and direct, model and make us laugh. Collectively they make our lives fuller, richer and more interesting. We hope to catapult the Canadian artists and entrepeneurs into the limelight in a way that allows readers to become more aware of and personally connected to our diverse expression of creativity. STANDOUT Publications will offer in depth interviews, trendy news stories, beautiful photos and artwork buzz all in one spot. High gloss and high glamour Canadian contents coming your way. 

There are nineteen members that work for STANDOUT Publications to produce the products and services. The members are extremely passionate people who believe in this dream, so they work hard and make sure they do things to keep STANDOUT rolling. The team has great ideas and fun projects coming up especially on the website and in print. The team contains position roles such as photographers, videographers, make up artists, hair stylists, directors, PR, marketers, creative managers, editors, designers and writers. The dynamic system of this brand varies as the members work on their own and with the team. 

The future of STANDOUT Publications is about publishing the Canadian world of art and connecting Canadians who enjoy and live for creativity. The long term goal is to grow nationally to give Canadians juicy and informative magazine about Canadian art and its' creativity industry. There are so many hidden talents that are out there and it's our mission to find them and publish about them to create a whole new network of creative publication. 

Jun 1, 2016
Project launched


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