Soiled Diapers Composting

Calgary, Canada
Mark Arishenkoff


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Two Calgary dads playing the modern-day superhero on a waste diversion mission to stem the tide of diapers taking over our landfills


Soiled Diapers Composting Services Inc. (SDC) is a local waste diversion company focusing on hard to

process, organic materials such as (but not limited to) used disposable diapers and baby wipes. SDC

offers services to match your needs and budget, from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickup services, to

full diapers services.

The pickup services include SDC coming to your home and collecting your diapers from a convenient

location, transporting them back to our facility, shredding them with other organic materials

(newspapers, cardboard, food waste, etc), and processing them in only 10 days into usable, organic


The diaper service includes all the pickup services and includes Naty Eco by Nature environmentally

friendly disposables. The diapers are tailored to the size of your baby and delivered with each collection

of the used ones. With the full diaper service you will have the piece of mind knowing that you no

longer need to stock up when there is a diaper sale, you don’t need to have extraordinary amounts of

space in you home to store the stockpile you’ve recently saved on, and you won’t have extra diapers left

over when your baby goes through a growth spurt three days after the sale and now needs the next size

up. Our team will deliver enough diapers to last until the next delivery, but should you run short, a call

to SDC is all that is needed to have someone come out the next day to bring you more to tide you over

until the next delivery. Although there is a limit of just over 6,000 diapers to the service, the average

child only uses 5,000 from birth to potty trained, leaving you with plenty of diapers over your three year


How does it work? The specialized machinery used by SDC is being used in other parts of the world

(New Zealand, Australia, UK, and more), but there are currently no facilities employing diaper

composting in North America. The equipment can compost any brand of diaper currently on the

market, not just compost specific diapers. The diapers are shredded with other organic materials and

then enter the in-vessel composting unit. The equipment regulates the amount of new material

entering, the time it is in motion, the temperature inside the drum (40-65 degrees Celsius), the amount

of moisture in the unit, and the exhaust. All air is exhausted through two separate biofilters and then

re-injected into the compost material, leaving virtually no harmful emissions, and zero odors to the

surrounding neighborhood.

Currently the compost can be used for environmental projects such as mine reclamation, roadside

rehabilitation, and parks and recreation beautification. It is the goal of SDC to gain approvals to have

the compost fit for food growth so that organic farms, vertical farming, vertical gardens, etc. will be able

to benefit from the moisture retaining properties of the compost.

With your support SDC can help to eliminate the 2.4 billion diapers entering Canadian landfills per year.

All you need to do is purchase a subscription, share the link to this campaign with your friends, family,

and neighbors. Please browse through the rewards and choose one that you like best so that the funds

can help us to achieve our current goal of upgrading our equipment and facility.

Thank you for helping Soiled Diapers Composting to bridge the gap between the convenience of

disposables and the environmental friendliness of cloth diapers. Thank you for helping us to make

diapers clean again!

Apr 6, 2018
Project launched


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