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The SHIFT card deck is an effective tool that helps Leaders & Managers take charge of and shape the organizational culture of their teams.


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Hi. I'm Ken Cameron. 


Years ago, when I was working for the City of Calgary’s Cultural Transformation Team, I developed a workshop that uses values cards to help people talk about their organizational culture


We won two awards for this program: 


  • Facilitation Impact Award(Platinum Award) by the International Association of Facilitators 
  • Organization of the Yearby the International Association of Public Participation (Canada) for The Cultural Transformation Project/City of Calgary


Since then I’ve used this workshop with dozens of corporations and non-profit organizations. So I know it solves a big challenge: how do you talk about culture?


The problem most leaders face is that culture is an amorphous entity that is both difficult to describe and daunting to shift. Even thinking about embarking on a culture change program gives most leaders a headache. 


So we move on to other, more easily digestible issues with more apparent solutions, and we leave our most valuable business asset to either atrophy or morph organicallyon its own, without supervision because we can feel powerless to change it. 


But we’re NOT powerless…

In fact, 


Strategically building a winning organization culture can be as easy as sorting through a deck of cards!!


Along with a team of highly respected experts from various fields of leadership development, Corporate Culture Shift has developed a new, revolutionary way to assess and direct your organizational culture to shape it into the productive, high performing unit it needs to be to thrive in today’s modern workplace…


The SHIFT Card Deck. 


Along with our lead researcher Alexandra Hatcher, hundreds of hours have gone into researching dozens and dozens of companies and non-profit organizations with a wide array of differing cultures. 


Our research ultimately identified 81 essential values that exist which we then verified by using the leading academic articles by top experts in organizational dynamics. The results of these findings were then tested against writings from thought leaders in the consulting industry. 


The beautifully designed card deck outlines an integrated system of values that is easy to comprehend, and it gives managers and team leaders a concrete tool they use to begin crafting their team into a vibrant and attractive place to work.


The benefits from this type of training has been demonstrated time and again:

  • Lower employee turnover
  • Higher levels of productivy
  • Faster adaptation and innovation, and
  • A solid brand reputation


The Shift Card Deck now enables managers to strategically and effectively shape the culture of their team in order to more quickly and competently achieve their chosen objectives, or even the greater missionof the entire organization.


Corporate Culture Shift has launched this campaign with ATB for two purposes:

1.    The acquiring of case studies and testimonials that can will allow us to fine-tune and promote the card deck in perpetuity (by providing you the opportunity to access this training for substantially lower than our normal industry pricing)


2.    To offset the cost of printing and distribution 



There are a variety of entry points you can choose for your involvement in this limited time campaign…


THE SHIFT CARD DECKRegular $99, only $50


THE LUNCH & LEARNRegular $599, only $150

Includes a FREE SHIFT CARD DECK and a lunch n’ learn with your staff of up to 10 people 


THE ONE-ON-ONERegular $1000,only $250

Includes a FREE SHIFT CARD DECK and a personal meeting with Ken Cameron or Alexandra Hatcher to maximize the effectiveness of using the deck


THE WORKSHOPRegular $3995,only $2500

This is what started it all… Reap the Benefits of this AWARD-WINNING HALF-DAY WORKSHOP. Includes TWO FREE SHIFT CARD DECKS.


KEN CAMERON FOR A MONTHRegular $15,000, only $9,995

Let me roll up my sleeves and help you make rapid and sustainable changes and/or improvements to your organization’s culture. Get access to the same work I’ve done for clients like The United Way and The Calgary Stampede.



“Ken helped us at West Campus Development Trust to clearly define the organizational culture we wanted to foster amongst our new and growing team. As a non-profit community based organization charged with developing a new community in a responsible and financially prudent manner, it was vital that the entire team exhibit behaviours that reflected our core values, both internally and externally. Ken’s story-telling program allowed us to articulate our individual experiences and combine our thoughts into a shared vision so that we were all aligned around a core set of values. Most importantly, by the end of the process every member of my team felt they owned the values because we’d all had input into them. His facilitation skills captured the essence and his writing prowess helped the organization express those values in a manner that all our team members could see themselves reflected. Now, five years later, we are still guided by those values we developed in that workshop.”

James Robertson, 

President and CEO, West Campus Development Trust


“Thank you so much for leading and facilitating the incredible session with members of our Department.  With your enthusiasm and gentle guidance you managed to draw out the most wonderful stories from both our more experienced staff and from our staff members who rarely have the opportunity to share their thoughts in such a diverse group. This was a great gift to our Department and to me. Thank you."

Glenda Cole, City Solicitor,

City of Calgary Law Department


“Ken has an unique and highly creative approach which led to a thought provoking and innovative strategic planning session for the Stampede's Board of Directors. The combination of Ken's artistic background and business savvy afforded a unique and engaging experience that promoted strong interaction among participants and encouraged frank and forward-thinking discussion. Ken is a talented facilitator who prepares extremely well for his assignment and as a result is able to connect closely with his audiences to support them in effectively in achieving their goals. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Bill Gray - Calgary Stampede



The SHIFT CARD DECK is a revolutionary new tool that can be used by organizations and teams of any size to help jump-start the conversation about Culture and Values and put tangible systems in place to help shape your team culture to maximum benefit.


We're excited to help you on your journey into creating a high-performance culture!


I hope you’ll choose the right option for you, and I look forward to talking to you in person!






We're reallty excited about announcing our new reward level: 

We've got a lot of interest in the card deck itself. We've had a lot of interest in the one on one consultation with the creators that can go along with the card deck. And we've had a lot of interest in our lunch and learn. 


So, what we've decided to do today is combine all of those elements together in a special offering that is more than just the sum of its parts.


This NEW LEVEL Includes:


- The SHIFT Card Deck  

- A Lunch N' Learn with your team so that we can get a taste and a sample of what your    

organizational culture is all about. 

- A Special Pre-Consultation with you so that we understand the needs of your particular organization 

- A One-on-One Debrief with you to identify what you as a leader have learned about your organization. 

- A 30-Day Action Plan that you can use to really address and change what it is that you need to address within your organizational culture.  - A $3,500 VALUE!!!


Total Value: $4,995

You Pay only $995



Now that action plan alone is normally valued at $3500 but we're putting all of these together, the brief, the pre consultation, the lunch and learn, the post workshop consultation, and the 30 day action plan, we're patching it all together for only $995. 

Mar 21, 2019
Project launched


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