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We're Downtown YEG's best-kept cookie secret & we're ready to grow our community and #ShareCookieLove with the whole city!



We are in the final stages of negotiations to open up a second Cookie Love location. WOOHOO!! We'll have more details for you soon, so stay tuned! Reaching our crowdfunding goal will be our first step in realizing our dream of sharing Cookie Love across all of Edmonton.


Cookie Love wouldn’t be possible without Iva’s passion and talent for baking the softest, most delicious cookies. What started out as an idea to make homemade gifts for family and friends has taken us on a journey (albeit a really freakin’ tasty one) from the farmer’s market to a shop on 124th street all the way to where we are right now: in our little corner of freshly-baked-cookie-smell heaven in the MNP tower in Downtown Edmonton.

You can get a cookie almost anywhere in the city from franchised coffee shops to boutique bakeries, but there’s a little something missing from each one of those cookies - something you can only find at Cookie Love. Our cookies have always been measured, scooped, rolled, and finished by hand, each and every day, with the utmost care and precision. Not only that, but Cookie Love is committed to using real ingredients, making our cookies unbelievably soft and full of real, rich flavours. You won’t find anything less than full-fat butter, pure vanilla beans, and high quality chocolate in our kitchen.

Since the beginning we’ve been committed to not only making the most delicious cookies you can get, but also to giving back. That’s why we donate a portion of profits from every cookie sold to Cooper’s Kids through Compassion Canada, which helps children in need around the globe get the tools and resources necessary to build their skills and help them overcome poverty.

Why crowdfund? What’s next?

We’re already operating out of our small cafe in Downtown Edmonton, but we’re ready to take Cookie Love to the next level. We’ve got our gourmet cookies and our faithful group of regulars (we love you!!), but we want to share Cookie Love with the rest of Edmonton. Not only that but we’re planning to really step up our cookie creativity. We want to create the most out-of-this-world, imaginative, & unique cookie creations for you to delight in - a feast for the eyes, and the mouth!

So why crowdfund? We’re passionate about cookies and we know our community is too. We know we can be more than Downtown Edmonton’s Best Kept Secret, but we need your help to get there. Crowdfunding gives us the ability to raise the awareness and funds needed to meet our growth goals, but more importantly offers the opportunity to cultivate and expand our community of Cookie Lovers. What you give to us we want to give back, only more.

What’s in it for you?

Think about the best cookie you’ve ever eaten. Was it a soft, warm, chock full of flavourful ingredients kind of cookie? Was it a creamy shortbread with layers on layers of smooth, melt-in-your-mouth rich butter topped with sweet, sugary icing? Or maybe it was a scoop of delicious, frosty ice cream squished in between two perfect mouth watering cookies that explode in your mouth with textures and flavours that delight your taste buds? Whatever kind of cookie it was, if it wasn’t a Cookie Love cookie, then you haven’t yet had the best damn cookie around. And we want to change that for you.

Our goal of growing our business and sharing Cookie Love throughout Edmonton will give you the opportunity to find your new “best cookie ever”. You’ll have a local, downtown cookie cafe to stop by to grab a coffee and try new, unique, handcrafted cookie creations with the same soft, buttery texture and indulgent flavours that we’re known for. Can’t make the trip downtown? We’ll use some of the funds to improve our online presence and offer you better online ordering & delivery services to satisfy every last one of your cookie cravings.

How can you help?

We appreciate that not everyone can contribute financially to crowdfunding campaigns. If that’s the case, you can still help us share Cookie Love throughout Edmonton!

  1. Spread the word! Tell your boss at work, your co-workers, your family, friends, acquaintances...Everyone! The more people we can reach, the better.
  2. Join our online communities! We can’t promise that following us on Instagram and Facebook is going to help with your cookie cravings, but we can promise that you’ll stay updated on our progress during and after our campaign and be the first to know about our newest flavours and cookie deals!
  3. Stop by and visit us! We’d love to ‘break cookies’ and get to know you in person!
Apr 20, 2018
Project launched


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