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Priscilla Cherry


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Shaunio Radio is an online station dedicated to the growth and distribution of independent artists.


"Music can change the world, because it can change people" - Bono


Ok, so what is this?

Shaunio Radio is an online radio station dedicated to independent artists. We focus on enlightening and conscious lyrics and content that educates and elevates the mind. The interactive platform will allow listeners to vote for their favourite artist, where an artist of the month is chosen for the given prize of the month, giving the artist a closer chance to achieving their dreams through our collaboration with Blackstream Records, a Universal Music Group label.


Our website is the bread and butter of our business, with the funds raised through Alberta BoostR, we will invest in a stronger, faster and more user-friendly platform. After meeting our $3,500 goal we will be able to successfully re-launch online with a more secure platform. We will be able to live out DeShaun's dream of his music being heard around the world and help other independent artists do the same.



Where you guys at?

Shaunio is located in Calgary, AB but available and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection across the globe!


How does it all work?

A song gets played, the listener has the option to vote on the song, the votes get tallied at the end of the month where an artist is chosen and receives the opportunity to have a music video produced, record a song or meet with a mentor and much more!


What's the reason behind all of this?

After being hacked in 2014 and new ventures being taken on, the original station, Phresh FM was going to dissolve as a company. When a family member studying sound engineering and music production passed away, DeShaun Warner, a purpose was discovered again. We want to offer guidance, artist development opportunities and music therapy to listeners and striving artists who don't normally get a chance in the music industry that can be so saturated. Society does not realize how susceptible we are to our daily surroundings. Everything is digested and stored in our memory, good or bad, whether we acknowledge it or not. At Shaunio, our only focus is to provide conscious content so that as many good messages are stored as possible!


Now I'm excited, when is this all happening?

Once everything goes well with the campaign, we will be launched by the end of summer 2015.


Sounds very challenging...

Internet radio continues to grow and there are some major existing players that dominate the market. But, if we had the fear of failure, we would never accomplish anything just like anyone out there with an idea! We have to start somewhere and we believe in our story and purpose enough to make a move!

Jun 16, 2015
Project launched


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