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Tanda Htun Nai


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A refugee from Burma to New Canadian Citizenship want to share her knowledge and skills of 100% handmade natural soap to Canadian.


I am a refugee from Myanmar and I left in 2006. The military rule the country, they do not allow you to parctice your culture, literature, and form your community. My family farm was confiscated by Burmese military.  Since I was active to promote my culture, literature, they tried to arrest me so I had to leave my country.


Before I came to Canada, when I was in Malaysia, I ran a social enterprise project with other refugees women from Myanmar to create income to survive. In Malaysia, refugee are not allowed to work. We produced 100% handmade natural soap, massage oil, Coconut oil and body Scrubs.


Since I have arrived in Calgary, I involve a lot with local community. I realize that Calgary is dry and many people have skin problem. I believe that without a healthy skin, a healthy life, we will not achieve a happy life. When I ran a social enterprise project in Malaysia, I could see that business help people live, since I am in Calgary, I want to use this skills to help Myanmar refugee communty in Calgary to live above  poverty line. There are about 5000 refugees (and their families) from Myanamr in Calgary.


Saraphy Bath & Spa produces that includes 100% Handmade Natural Soap,Liquid soap,  Body Scrubs, and Body Lotion. If my business is growth, I am able to train, empower and employ refugee from my community.


My company aims to raise $6000.00 to develop building website, online shop, and participate more in local farmer farkets. Please help and buy our rewards. Our rewards include 100% Handmade Natural Soap, Liquid soap, and soap making classes. 


(This video is shoot by  Mi Ahmoor Min , youth from my community and she is in just grade 11! (Thank you for your great help!)

Mar 1, 2019
Project launched


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