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Sharp beards, clean shaves, and stylish hair - We bring quality & local products to the table, helping men look and feel their best!



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Not just for Beards!

Rust & Pine Co. wants to be apart of every man's daily grooming routine, and that's why we continue to build our line, for the everyday man.  With interest growing in quality and natural men's grooming, we challenge ourselves to be the lifestyle brand that every man wants to use.  Bearded or clean shaven, bald or long hair, we will help you to enjoy male grooming again.


What's Next for us?

After developing our beard and shaving line, we want to expand into high growth markets: HAIR!  With the roll out of our Bear and Hair wash, we decided to make a full move into Hair Styling products and accessories.  I have been working on a few styling products such as a styling creme and clay pomade, and want to make the next step to bring these to market.  This would include the purchase of larger equipment to help us produce more and begin to push our products out further into the market.  By increasing our capacity and offering new hair products, we will be able to reach new customers, and continue to service our existing clientele.  Due to the larger equipment, we would need to begin to develop our shop into a larger space for our company to move into.  This could be a slow process as the cost will be high, but with a stretch goal of $20,000, this would help us to begin development as part of our growth plan.

As we look to the future, we are developing our brand as an all encompassing Mens Grooming product company.  We have been moving into shaving and cleansing products over the last year, and are continuing to roll out new products including hair care and styling.  Part of our mantra is to be an incubator to the businesses around us.  We do this by partnering with complimentary companies to develop products that are made with their unique products.  An example is our partnership with Two Sergeants Brewing to make our BEER Soap and shampoo bars, as well as hops infused beard oils.  We continue to seek out these opportunities as they really drive community and collaboration.  Our goal ONE DAY is to have a self branded Brick and Mortar store showcasing everything Rust & Pine Co Has to offer, complete with in house Barbers and style assistants.  Within the store, we would like to also provide space to up and coming businesses to help get them the exposure that small businesses need! 


How we plan to use the campaign proceeds?

1. Purchase larger equipment

2. Finalize our new hair styling product and bring to market

3. Begin development of our shop for a larger production area   -   *** stretch goal***


By being able to increase our capacity, and bring new products to the market, we will be able to begin marketing Rust & Pine Co. to larger wholesalers and distributors, while maintaining our current customer base.  With larger runs, we will be able to clear up some time to continue product development, new customer marketing, and plan for some exciting events to help us stand out!

We want to make grooming cool again.  We want to give men a brand that they know was designed for them, addressing grooming issues that only men have.  We have plans to continue to grow into a full men's line, providing cleansing, grooming and styling products for a complete solution for men.  


Make us part of your daily grooming routine!

 As we continue to grow, we want to ensure you, the client, can be proud to use our products!  Not only will we continue to make quality, good for you and the planet products, but we wll continue to listen to your feedback and comments.  The relationships we have made with our clients are the reason we are successful today.  Not only will we bring you in-demand products and accessories, but we will continnue to provide you with the service and insight your have come to know!  


Thank you for supporting Rust & Pine Co. 

We know you will love what we can do for you!



Troy Tymchak 


Jul 19, 2017
Project launched


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