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We are a Non-Profit sports club and the first Flying Trapeze school in all of Alberta. Help us purchase our own trapeze rig for Calgary!


Who Are We? What is Flying Trapeze?

Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze is a Non-Profit recreation club run entirely by volunteers. We are the only organization in Alberta offering instruction in the circus sport of Flying Trapeze to the public. 

If you have ever been to a circus show, you will recall the flying acrobats in glittery costumes swinging and flipping in the air high overhead. Those professional circus artists have had years of special training, and you might think that Flying Trapeze couldn’t possibly be something you could try too.  But the fact is that almost anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to challenge oneself can give Flying Trapeze a try.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our passion for the increasingly popular and unique sport of Flying Trapeze with people of all ages and abilities in an open and encouraging environment.  Founded in 2016 by a diverse group of dreamers, our team is working to ensure that Flying Trapeze instruction is affordable and sustainable in our Calgary community for years to come. 

Adding Value to our Community

The health and wellness of its members are important to every community. Flying Trapeze is a unique physical activity that can help to meet the goals of many different individuals who live and play in our community.

Flying Trapeze is a sporting activity that an entire family or group of varying ages, gender, and abilities can enjoy together! Flyers come in all shapes and sizes: our flyers are young and old and have varying levels of athletic skills, and we have also successfully taught several young people with autism.

New relationships are easily formed when strangers connect through the sport of Flying Trapeze.  Every flyer remembers their racing heart on their first climb up the tall ladder to the trapeze platform, and the exhilaration of taking that first leap. That’s why flyers reciprocate courage and more; we cheer on each other's achievements and constantly help each other to improve. You’ll never find yourself in a friendlier group than in a Flying Trapeze class. Play together, stay together - positive connections and healthy activities such as these are building blocks of a strong community!

Our Campaign

Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze needs its own Flying Trapeze Rig – this purchase will cost over $35,000.

Until now, we have relied on renting and transporting this essential piece of equipment from outside of Calgary at a very high cost. This is simply not a sustainable option. 

The team at Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze has already raised a large portion of the cost of a trapeze rig using our own personal funds. Why? We personally contributed because we love Flying Trapeze and know the great value it brings to the Calgary community.

The GOAL of this campaign is to raise an additional $10,000.  We are asking YOU, our local supporters and community members, to help us. 



Your generous contributions help us buy essential equipment needed to develop Calgary’s own Flying Trapeze Club.

We wish to show our appreciation for your support with some exclusive Rewards, each related to what we love doing most – FLYING! 

All contributors to our campaign will receive an invitation to the Circus Extravaganza event to kick off our 2018 summer season. As a special thank you, you will have a chance to share the excitement and take a swing on the trapeze.  We look forward to seeing you there!

To help keep Flying Trapeze a part of Calgary for all the years to come, Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze needs a BOOST from you!

How you can help:


  1. Reward Yourself! Select a Reward for yourself, family, or friends. The rewards are all about what we do best – Teaching you to FLY!
  2. Spread the Word! Share with friends, family, and all who love adventure!  Like, Tag, and Comment on our campaign and video!
  3. Connect with us on social media! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and visit our website.

SHARE this campaign to help Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze become a permanent part of the Calgary community. 

THANK YOU for your support.



Dec 5, 2017
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