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Red Jade Martial Arts is raising funds for new equipment and software to compliment its brand new studio in the heart of downtown Edmonton.


Edmonton has recently seen a series of closures of martial arts school for numerous reasons. A pair of unfortunate deaths after MMA tournaments resulted in a moratorium on events that resulted in the closure of several facilities, and there have also been recent passings of old masters whose students have moved on. 

This has created a vacuum of quality training in a city renowned for its diversity of martial arts. 

While Edmontonians continue to be faced with circuit training gym after circuit training gym offering the same programs everywhere, Red Jade wants to offer something truly different for their life-long fitness and training goals.

Red Jade Martial Arts is opening a YMCA-style martial arts gym that offers a wide range of classes held by world renowned instructors. Students come to the gym and pay a single fee for unlimited access to all classes and instructors holding sessions at the gym. Instructors are offered a shared, rent-free space to train their arts, and are asked to work together to build a membership base from which each teacher receives an equal portion of the membership fees.

Edmonton has an exceptionally vibrant community of health minded individuals as well as more extreme fitness enthusiasts who are always seeking unique ways to explore and express their talents. There isn't a single gym in this city lacking members, and very little attrition caused by the "resolution" crowd. Edmonton loves fitness.

Red Jade is aiming at attracting youthful individuals of all ages seeking a full range of programs that include longevity and wellness, basic health and fitness, and extreme workouts and combat training. 

While many schools have focused on appearance and sales, Red Jade has been in operation since 1997, training out of community halls and parks throughout the world. We have students who have opened schools in Illinois, Scotland, Israel, and Taiwan. Our head master, Sifu Neil Ripski, is world renowned for his skills in taiji and drunken boxing, and his focus on his arts for the last three decades has resulted in his truly remarkable teaching skills and style.

Additionally, Red Jade will be the only gym that offers and promotes whole-body wellness that includes longevity and combat training. Red Jade offers these classes a la carte, so that students can focus on their needs and desires while having open access to the entire gamut of training techniques.

ATB Boostr and support from people like you will help us kit out our new studio with modern check-in equipment, mats, gear, and ensuring a smooth opening period so that we can focus on teaching you the best that martial arts has to offer.

Specifically, funds raised through booster will pay for:

- Gym Management Software & Check In Kiosk (approx $3000)
- Website Redesign by a local Edmonton professional (approx $3000)
- Camera equipment for broadcasting live sessions and filming instructional videos (approx $1000)
- new TKD and sparring gear (approx $3000)

Jan 28, 2019
Project launched


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