Red Cup Distillery

Vegreville, Canada
Robert de Groot


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Vast open spaces, grains, cultures, and few Mounties allowed the continuation of the family traditions producing spirits. We need you to purchase a reward, share the story, and visit the distillery to help us pay an engineer to confirm the definition of Craft Distillery.


Red Cup Distillery - Upholding the Tradition - We are asking you to join us in celebrating Canada's greatest secret.  

Canada's prairies have upheld a tradition which goes back centuries. The cultures who moved to the prairies from Europe had been taught by their fathers to make spirits from surplus grains and vegetables and when they immigrated and tamed the land they carried on the family traditions.  

Moonshine (wheat, rye, barley) was interwoven into the fabric of the prairies and with the vast open spaces, small population, and not enough Mounties to serve them all, the liquor law was not something about which anybody was doing much of anything.

Spirits today are primarily made of corn and styles of spirits have become marketing names.  Neutral Grain Spirits are 95%+ alcohol are the result of productivity and volume requirements for prohibition and industrialization.  

Our pot still is custom made in Edmonton, the same as the ones on the prairies for a century.  We will run our shine through the still twice so it is 60% alchohol and bottle it at 50%.  We throw out the impurities and keep the hearts for you.  The standard is high as some local grandpas (dido) have been visiting and expect us to make them proud.  

We have all the equipment, the Edmonton built open fermenter and Copper Pot Still, stainless steel equipment for malting and mashing and the bottles will be in the truck any day.  We need you for our final obstacle.  Note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase a reward.



Aug 11, 2015
Project launched


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