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Ever worry about how you smell at the gym? Yoga? Cant get rid of that nasty stench from of your activewear? We have the solution for you!


Who we are

rank™ - stop the stink

rank™ solutions offers high performance biodegradable cleaning solutions developed for the health and wellness industry. rank has strategically partnered with local scientists whose primary focus is "alternative chemistry", which is the design and development of safe substitutes to products whose performance qualities rely on hazardous substances. 

The rank™ solution
rank is a naturally derived concentrated laundry detergent which has been scientifically formulated to extract those unwanted lingering odors from within your active wear. Made in Alberta with over 80% BioBased renewable natural ingredients, rank will penetrate, remove and block those stubborn odors leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean while enhance the breathability of your fabrics.

Why rank
Being active and involvement in sports has always been an integral part of my life. Over the past 10 years I have participated in some pretty big events that required training 5-6 days a week. My activewear was taking a beating, and I could never fully rid my clothes of the last workouts smell. I would toss my sweaty, stinky clothes in a pile with the rest of the week's training clothes to wash at the end of the week. After my wife almost fainting from the bed of roses smell of the laundry room, she commented on just how rank my clothes were and threatened to throw them out. Because the other detergents were so ineffective, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I want rank to provide active individuals with a natural alternative to traditional laundry detergents that will actually rid their activewear of any and all odours while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Providing a superior natural alternative laundry detergent specific to activewear, as measured by exceeding our client's expectations.

“Promoting healthy lifestyles through active living & odor free attire”

Why are we Crowdfunding


The funds raised will go directly towards purchasing the initial solution of product, the packaging and shipping items required for product. (Bottles, labels, dispensing units, corrugated boxes for shipping) The remaining funds will be used for online marketing (Social media campaigns / ambassadorship program initiation, partner affiliate programs etc.)

Products Available

rank™ - Free & Clear
rank free & clear is dye and fragrance free for people with sensitive skin.


rank™ - Trail Runner
rank trail runner is for those who like a light fresh scent. Your clothes will smell like you were running through the forest beside glacier fed streams.

Help me, help you, and together we can stop the stink!


Dec 13, 2016
Project launched


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