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Helping singles meet singles, while supporting local small businesses throughout Alberta.




A pendant beyond jewelry


Are they single? Are they approachable?

Two questions that have stood the test of time, until now.


With modern-day technology at our fingertips, most singles are relying solely on digital applications to find a social connection, we all know there is an “app” for everything. Apps are great, I love my apps, however when it comes to human connection, how accurate are the algorithms we rely upon? If you have ever tried or know someone who has tried an online dating service, you know how daunting and puzzling it can be.

Everyone has friends whom are currently enduring the single life apocalypse in todays society.


About PuzzledSingles:


Created by singles for singles, our goal is to bring single Albertan’s together offline and in person, as we all seek human connection. To help identify fellow singles that could be right in front of you, we have designed stainless steel puzzle pendants, which are hand-crafted in Edmonton, Alberta.


These interactive puzzle pendants are worn by individuals who choose to exhibit their single and approachable status. The pendants are available in four different categories, (Adventure, Ambition, Creative and Passion) allowing 1-in-4 pendants to fit perfectly together, making fantastic conversation starters.

Displaying these pendants not only opens the potential of meeting others, as they provide some great discounts through our local partners.


We continuously search for new and exciting local small businesses, (Partners) which provide safe environments for our members to potentially meet, in return our partnering establishments gain much needed clientele. 


For every pendant sold, we donate directly to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. They provide the healthcare and support services desperately needed by the children in our community to help reach their full potential. PuzzledSingles is a proud supporter of the foundation and is more than willing to donate to other much needed charities.

Our Rewards:

We are offering Copper pendants as a special reward to those who donate. These Copper pendants will still interact with the stainless steel pendants, however the beautiful hues from the patina process will leave others in awe. these copper pendants will only be available throughout our campaign.

Are you in a relationship but love the puzzle piece and want to take advantage of our partners discounts? Well we have a reward for you too! We have pendants designed for couples.


Your funds would be used towards acquiring new Partners across Alberta and expanding our product line. Your support would help individuals save money all across Alberta, support our Provinces local small business and help re-establish the human connection.

Jun 1, 2016
Project launched


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