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Our innovative Window Security, Child Safety product – ProwLock – installs easily to secure a closed or open sliding window on hot nights.


ProwLock and our market solution,...

Our company is planning to manufacture and market a window security device called ProwLock.

Our innovative product – ProwLock – protects open sliding windows and patio doors with a tamper-resistant, easy-to-install mechanical device.  By securely limiting the opening to 10 cm - it’s too narrow for unlawful entry and restricts any egress avoiding the possibility for accidental falls.

Window safety and security comes in three types - rods, bars and restrictors.  ProwLock surpasses the protection of a single-rod product, retains the window/frame security eliminating a need for bars, and secures a set opening-width better than products that simply restrict the channel. 

ProwLock is designed for security and safety of windows and patio doors left partially open for ventilation when at home.  ProwLock is not intended to protect a vacant home, as windows and patio doors should always be closed and locked when leaving the house. 

Our mission is to bring ProwLock to home, hardware and department stores for home and condo owners, landlords and rental tenants, students and senior residents.  And further, for real estate groups, housing authorities, condominium boards and property managers to enhance security and safety in their residential buildings and complexes.

Protecting property and safeguarding children,...

ProwLock will help to alleviate property damage and loss in connection with window/patio-entry burglaries.  Break-and-enter crime occurs in Canada at an astounding rate of one-every-three minutes and contribute to society cost of some of $3.65 billion to victims of property crime.

According to Safe Kids, Worldwide in the United States; each year window falls account for 3,300 injuries among children ages 5 or under.  In Alberta alone in 2017, there were 23 incidents of window and patio falls over just a reported four month period.

Our pathway to a successful market launch,...

ProwLock is patent-pending and in advanced development with plans for production in 2019.  The ProwLock team has completed product-demo and beta-testing prototypes, market presentations to our B-to-C and B-to-B channels, and prepared a thorough business/market plan.  These milestones were accomplished thanks to a product innovation grant (AITF) and investments from friends/ family for a total of about $50,000.

Reaching and surpassing our ATB BoostR Crowd Funding target will provide vital validation and funding for design production of ProwLock models. See our Rewards, where our ATB BoostR Video Celebrities will tell you all about our fabulous offerings.

Your paths to help accelerate ProwLock development,...

·        $7,500: This successful ATB BoostR Crowd Funding level from fellow Albertans will be tremendous in fueling final designs and preparations for a production run, especially if it comes from discount vouchers which will act as pre-orders.

·        $15,000: Doubling our target Crowd Funding level will accelerate our launch with funds for specific grant eligibility or funds for other launch objectives.  These grants and other available programs could more than triple our available budget for quick-to-market production and sales supports.  Please help us to attain this Rewards level.

Nov 13, 2018
Project launched


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