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Healthy meals with no prep in 30 minutes or less? That's Presto Eats.


We started Presto Eats with the mission to give busy people time saving and healthy food in convenient packages. We were the first company to build Instant Pot meal kits (that we know of!) and have gone on to make our recipes accessible to everyone!

Many have tried to solve this problem with some existing products on the market: on-demand food delivery, traditional meal kits, and multi-cooker appliances. However, none of these solutions alone have hit the mark. On-demand food delivery like Skip The Dishes, while convenient, are often unhealthy and more expensive. Traditional meal kits like HelloFresh, despite claims of being quick, still require significant effort overall, produces a high volume of packaging waste, while at a high cost. Multi-cooker appliances like the Instant Pot, though having time saving features, don’t help with shopping or food preparation.

This is where Presto Eats has an opportunity to bring forward the best of all these solutions. Presto Eats meals are designed to be balanced, nutritious meals that parents can feel good about feeding their families. Each meal kit is prepared and frozen to preserve nutrition while also reducing packaging packaging waste by not requiring more chemical ice, packaging for each produce item, or for transport. To cook, you follow simple instructions that take advantage of the speed and convenience of multi-cookers or your existing cookware. Our instructions also reduce the environmental impact of washing multiple cooking utensils and saves time in after-meal clean up. You can easily order online, get it delivered at a convenient time, and with a little effort, get a great meal cooked at home.

We're here crowdfunding on ATB BoostR because you're in our launch market, we get to reward you, the earliest backers, and enabling us to build the capacity needed to bring you meals that are even higher quality and at lower costs.

Please note: all rewards will be provided within Calgary.

May 8, 2019
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