Prairie Noodle Shop Location on 124th St.

Edmonton, Canada
Jeffrey Morton


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Prairie Noodle Shop is dedicated to making ramen that reflects the unique geography and flavours of the prairies. That’s why we’re opening a permanent home: To continue evolving our regional menu.


Can one bowl define your city, your province or your country? Can food speak to the people and flavours of a specific region? We love noodles, and our mission is to make ramen that reflects our unique geography. Hence: Prairie Noodle Shop. 

Ramen may be rooted in Japanese culture, but it’s defined by the region in which it is made. Simply put: Ramen is home. Our dishes have been thoughtfully created by the talented consulting chefs Stephen Baidacoff and Wendy Mah using high-quality ingredients and locally-sourced proteins. The result: Delicious ramen with intricate flavours unique to Alberta. For example, our Prairie Pork Ramen that uses the whole pig, sweet corn and smoky umami flavours. 

We’ve held four pop-up events around the city. Edmontonians came out in full force, so much so that every event was sold out and we had to turn away hundreds of hungry, eager customers. We don't want that happen any more - everyone should get to have more ramen! 

That’s why we’re opening a permanent home: To continue sharing and evolving our regional menu. 

This is where you come in. We've secured a great location on 124th street and we're well on our way to getting open later this year. The budget is tight, and we could really use your help to get us across the finish line, so we can upgrade a few items (like the noodle bar top) and really do it right. The menu and mission will be simple: To keep telling our story. 

One bowl at a time.


Aug 18, 2015
Project launched


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