POUCHIE BLANKET-functionally versatile and appealing blanket

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A warm, versatile, convenient blanket designed to comfortably fit on hand luggage, bag packs. Functional for spectators during winter games.



Pouchie Blanket

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A2ME Fashion Inc is a fashion and designing company committed to creating unique and comfortable products that leaves its consumers completely satisfied. “Pouchie Blanket, one of our exclusive creation was designed based on researches on how to stay warm in style. Alleviating travel stress for travellers during long layovers coupled with the plight of devoted sport fans during cold season games inspired this invention. It is our desire to modify those inevitable and discomforting duration into some cozy moments by splurging in a thermal blanket that is functional, adaptable and appealing. To further demostrate our passion for fashion, A2me will introduce it's first set of wears (spring/summer collections) with a show room/fashion show in June 2018.

MISSION STATEMENT: Quality, versatile, convenient and functional

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Researches conducted by the “The National Sleep Foundation” on how to alleviate travel stress, recommended a blanket large enough to cover the body, but which packs up handy. In another article it advised that having warm feet is helpful for relaxation and could help one sleep better. The unavoidable stress travellers experience during long airport layovers, freezing experiences by devoted sport fans at cold season games, pathetic experiences of the homeless and people in some refugee camps are great inspirations that birthed the “Pouchie Blanket”

Based on further research conducted, fleece content fabric was chosen for this amiable product because fleece has the perfect combination of warmth, softness, and durable longevity.

The first phase is a campaign launch for funding organized by ATBoostR platform which is expected to raise five thousand dollars. This amount will support towards bulk production, sizing and color varieties. The retail pricing can only be low if the items are produced in large quantities. A percentage from sale proceeds will be used in production of “Pouchie Blankets” for donations to the homeless and refugee camp inmates.

The second phase will focus on reinvesting proceeds into future production. An anticipated 50% rise in demand will warrant immediate increase in production inorder to meet up with supply orders. Some proceed at this phase will be used for advertisements and public relations.

The third phase will have proceeds invested in continuous marketing and sales push. A sales representative will be hired who will coordinate trade shows, production, distribution expansion and other related services. In like manner there will be an increase in donation quantities. 

TARGET MARKET: Our target market ranges from teenagers to adults. Besides it cuts across travellers, sport fans, and campers an more.  Major travelling agencies, airlines, specialty stores will be delighted to pamper their customers with this great product. Based on statistics, about 125,635 Canadians participated in overnight visits to foreign countries outside United States in 2016 alone. This is a product neatly crafted with some luxury just for you!

 A2me's marketing strategy at this point is AtboostR Campaign platform, family and friends. Also, all social media tools: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, will be engaged to expand my circle of influence. The product will be available online and in major online sales platform such as amazon, etscy and more. This provision accord consumers the opportunity to place orders from the comfort of their homes and offices.  “Pouchie Blanket” is an incredible product that will thrive in current market. The potential for growth is promising because of its necessitous value.

Apr 15, 2018
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