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Robert Oeming


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Polar Park Brewing Company is a Canadian Arctic oriented micro-brewery opening one block off Edmonton's iconic Whyte Ave.


Our Background - A born promotor, Al Oeming co-founded the North Western Wrestling Enterprises, the predecessor to Stampede Wrestling in 1948. Intent on pursuing his dream of proving exotic species of mammals can not only adapt to Alberta's inclement weather, but rather thrive in it, Oeming sold his half interest in the company to his partner Stu Hart, and, in 1959, Opened the Alberta Game Farm with the proceeds. Over the subsequent 40 years, the Alberta Game Farm and its successor, Polar Park, became world famous as a vast reservoir for vanishing species. Exotic animals were raised and fully acclimatized to Northern Alberta's year round weather conditions. This private collection eventually grew to encompass 3,200 birds and mammals, representing over 160 species. 

Reasons for starting campaign. When my grandfather Al passed away, my father challenged me to re-purpose the existing animal compounds on the property. The idea was highly contagious amongst friends and family: brew beer in the polar bear compound. After all, whats more Canadian then beer brewed out of a polar bear compound? Realty set in and the location during our startup years changed. We are seeking the crowds investment, yes, however more important then the investment is the validity of the concept

  • Do Edmontonians reasonate with the idea of a conservation-first, Canadian Arctic oriented microbrewery, in the exceptionally underserviced Edmonton market?

We have come so far without any capital at all:

i. Design work on entire brand identity (primary/secondary logo variations, beer-brand designs & all supplmentary graphics).  

ii. Secured a highly accomplished (German trained) Brewmaster.

iii. Happy to announce we are working diligently with First Cap Realty to secure our location. They have been wonderful to work with as we finalize our agreement for the former Bee Bell Bakery and transition it to serve the community as our flagship location. 

iv. Built a working relationship with Athena Organic Farms in the South Okanagan, Nutraponics (a local vertical growth green houses), Bull Frog Power (they replace the energy we consume back into the grid) and a few other local organizations to help us pursue our conservation initatives.  

Start up capital is necessary for us to reach the next level. It would be employed as follows:

i. Product testing; Sabco Test Pilot System. ($3,000 - $5,000). Lots of cheaper versions as well. We need to start chruning out our abundant reciepe list.

ii. We have engineered the offer to lease to allow us a 3-month "Proof of Concept" period with marginal rent and no exchange of liability ($5,000-$10,000).  

iv. Brand completion (publish the website, business cards, marketing material & our rewards for funding the campaign. ($3,000-$5,000).

Our flagship beer brands include: 

  • Man of the North White Ale
  • Journey to the High Arctic Lager
  • Arctic Fox Trot IPA
  • Raiders of the Lost Arctic Red Ale

Our secondary beer brand should reasonate with Edmontonians

  • The Prospect 97 Pilsner (graphics attached). *Absolutely no connotation to hockey or the oilers. 


We cannot wait to pay it forward to our community!



Jan 19, 2016
Project launched


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