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A lifestyle Jewelry brand dedicated to designing high quality, hand- crafted bracelets while creating an impact.


Playfield is a jewelry brand built around giving back. Our hand-made stone and re-purposed wood bracelets are sold in retail stores across Canada where we work with local charities by contributing 10% of our profits to support their cause.

We started Playfield because we believe that business can be a force for positive impact and change. Andy and Diego they did their research before Playfield began and they identified that there were two types of companies in the fashion accessories industry: 1) Companies that contribute a lot to their community but do not offer quality products and 2) Companies that offer really trendy and fashionable products, but they don't contribute back to their community in any way.

This paved a way for us to offer an affordable, quality fashion-forward accessory AND still make a positive impact. Our passion for accessories, our strengths in business, combined with our drive to make a positive difference is what started Playfield. We want to create a more human approach to purchasing and wearing a product by making social-impact a core part of who we are.

We are currently partnered with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, where 1 bracelet purchase provides 3 lunches for local kids. So far we've been able to feed over 3000 kids!

Playfield is in the process of growing rapidly and launching a campaign to raise $8000 would allow us the funding to maintain the demand for our product, as well as continuing to expand at a healthy rate into new markets both in retail and online.Launching a campaign would also increase the number of eyes on our brand, as we are only just over a year old, getting our story and mission as a company in front of a new audience would help us tremendously. In turn, both of these factors would contribute to increasing the impact and awareness we can make with the different charities and non-profit partnerships we are currently involved with.
Nov 10, 2017
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