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Sam Bilodeau


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Help Platinum Pet Spa Open up a storefront for a well deserved community



I have started this campaign with the goal of $10K, in hopes that I will exceed that in order to open up a storefront in Sherwood Park, I am well aware that it is going to take much more than that amount to start up my own business, but if ever I was to take a piece of business advice it would be from Steve Jobs {"Great things are never done by one person"} . For well over a decade I have been running, managing and building up salons all across the Sherwood Park, Edmonton and area. The pet industry has been the love of my life. I grew up in a family owned grooming salon, I went from playing Barbie’s in a dog kennel to landing my very first pet related job at the age of 15. By the age of 19 I was in the United States pursing my life long dream to become a creative Petsylist. By the age of 20 I was managing two Big Box company grooming salons. Fast forward to today I have managed and built grooming salons from the ground up for others, to now given this opportunity to raise money to start my very one of a kind salon. It’s a incredible blessing to have this opportunity to pursue my dream.

How will my salon be different?

My intentions with opening up another Dog grooming salon in Sherwood Park is to be an all in one salon. I would like to further my career and pursue  a degree in pet therapy as well  as learn extensive Canine Oral care. I would like to provide Dogs with a therapeutic Salon. For the young, the older and the rehabilitating Pets of our community.

Having my Masters in feline Grooming gives me the opportunity to provide extensive Feline Care. I want to build a salon that is friendly to all pets. A quiet separate place for cats to be groomed. Accommodations for Timid, Temperamental and anxious breeds. A clean, quiet, rejuvenating environment that meets the needs of every pet that walks through the door.

I find living in Alberta makes it hard for pet owners to be able to provide the recommended amount on physical activities for their pets, especially during the winter days. I would like to provide a drop-off-and-play area for dogs that love to play. I would like to be able to have a lounging area for dogs that want to stay the day while the pet parents are at work, or even just a few hours drop off while they go shopping. Leaving pets in vehicles is do to a lack of designated space while we try and multitask. I would love to be able to prevent and provide a place for that.

As for the haircuts and styles, well that’s a given, this is truly what I love creating. I love making each and every pet feel refreshed and leaving my salon looking Dapper. I love meeting new pets and people, but the best part is building these amazing relationships within my community. It’s certainly a heartwarming feeling to know that clients trust me to care for their beloved fur friend. Without that trust and that relationship my career would be empty.

In exchange for your generosity I will provide each and every one of you a reward that will best suite your pets needs.

I can’t thank this community enough for its support in helping create this one of a kind Platinum Pet Spa.

Thank you!


Aug 4, 2017
Project launched


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