Pilots of Gallaxia, the game that gives back.

Calgary, Canada
Stefan Rasporich


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Campaign Description

Pilots of Gallaxia, a strategy board games that builds schools and libraries. Our starships & pilots are play-test ready!


This campaign will fund a retail-ready version of the game and dedicate $4 to every future sale of the game to Schoolbox in fulfilling our promise of building schools and libraries. This campaign will also create a community who will be ready to engage with the movie universe of Gallaxia and will be offered a first look at rewards for any future campaigns (like being an extra on set).

Some playtesters have identified Pilots of Gallaxia as Ticket to Ride with more battles, strategy, press-your-luck and even went so far as to call it Ticket to RAID!   

Our customers are imaginative, family tabletop gamers who care about making a difference in the world.

When not gaming, they are usually doing work to build communities.

Pilots of Gallaxia is the game that gives back, connecting you to projects that matter while having a blast-off doing it.

Funds go towards:

  • Purchasing ready-made games from The Game Crafter and shipping.
  • Hiring a conlanger to construct a sci-fi sketch language so backers can have their names translated to an alien language.
  • Marketing costs.
  • Developing an AR (Augmented reality) strategy for the tabletop game experience


May 4, 2018
Project launched


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