Phasion Estates Winery wants you to Sip in Style with our summer Pinot Gris release

Calgary, Canada
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We are looking to share our 4th bottling of our summer vintage release, 2014 Iridescent Pinot Grigio with the community.


Our story is about combining our two passions for both wine and fashion, so why not create a winery that focuses on both. Phasion Estates Winery (pronounced fa-sh-ion) was founded on creativity, personality, originality and  having fun.

Wine and fashion share a lot of common traits between each other as they are present and enrich our lives by sharing in our experiences and self creativity. At Phasion we feel that wine and fashion are creative expressions of us. That it is a creative vision that allows us to be unique and one of a kind. It helps us to tell our own stories whether it’s at a special event or at your best friend’s weekend BBQ.

Phasion Estates Winery has worked hard to design one of a kind staggeringly unique Okanagan Valley wines. We have chosen the best available grapes, and the best quality ingredients for our products. We have produced premium elegant vintages that we hope will be that creative entity to share your best memories and stories.

Let Phasion Estates Winery help find your sense of originality through elegance, class and style.

Why we are crowdfunding

We are looking to share our 4th bottling of our summer vintage release, 2014 Iridescent Pinot Grigio. We thought it would be great to share this bottling with the community, and receive feedback from our future customers. This will also add a second white varietal to our portfolio and will offer our customers more variety.

The funds will help support the below requirements to launch the 75 cases of our Pinot Gris • Purchase of bottles and stelvin caps • Filtering and blending of Pinot Gris wine • Bottling • Update of label design & printing costs • Labeling


Product Reviews

Bob Bell-Wines of Canada

2011 Haute Couture: “2011 Haute Couture a truly great wine nice armous (fresh raisins) good body full of flavour, black cherry and berries 70% Merlot & 30% Cabernet Sauvignon Blend slight spice on the finish. Rating 95 points.”

2012 Tres Chic: “2012 Tres Chic a stylish desirable chardonnay with delicate flavours of fresh fruits pineapple, papaya. The wine says more please with a unique finish providing hints of ginger. Rating 93 points.”

Adrian Bryska-YYC Wine

2012 Glitterati: “2012 Glitterati-Complex with fruit notes of cherry, plum, raspberry. Secondary notes of oak, vanilla, wet rock with hints of leathery spice. Rating 91 points.”

Matt Beauchamp-Simple Vines

2012 Haute Couture: The taste of this wine was smooth and flavourful however this feels like a wine that – while good now – would be much better with age.” Overall Rating 3.5/5

Jake Skakun-My Wine Canada Toronto

2011 Haute Couture:Is a value pick for under $20 and will satisfy those looking for a juicy Bordeaux blend. It’s bright and brambly and packed with dark berry fruit.”

2012 Glitterati:  “Is a step up in complexity and elegance from the Haute Couture. Each grape variety seems to contribute something to the blend—spicy plum, subtle coffee notes and a faint forest floor character. It’s structure hinges on bright acid and ripe medium tannins.”

Jun 16, 2015
Project launched


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